Chapter 1272 - Untitled

Chapter 1272 Untitled

His deep voice was like the lake water, drowning out his thoughts. His talking speed and the pitch he used helped to push the contents deeper into his brain.

Kawang was directing the hypnosis at him. He watched as the straight figure moved and pressed a hand onto his forehead…

On the other end, after using up two rifles worth of bullets, Bo Jiu leaped up from the flower field because she realized Qin Mo had boarded the speedboat. The only way to catch up to him was her hidden Lamborghini 600 meter away. Although she would be discovered, she was already noticed when she passed them.

When Prince saw the familiar figure, he couldn’t help stiffening, “Little Black Fellow! It really is Little Black Fellow!” When he saw her clothes, the long rifle, and her previous position, his eyes widened with shock! “It’s Little Black Fellow, he has been helping us!”

Most of her disguise had probably worn off when she had leaned on the ground. Her indifferent and cold face was a pleasant surprise at this moment. They were completely caught off guard that Bo Jiu had been the one helping them all this while!

Fatty seemed to be the most shocked out of everyone but he still called out, “Big Spade!” That explained why he could receive the red dot location. It was because the youngster was here! She was actually here!

Fatty could barely explain his emotions because there wouldn’t be anyone else who would enter a lion’s den to save his boss and there wouldn’t be anyone else who could turn the tables all by herself. It reminded him of the days in Supreme Alliance. He had watched her shoulder all the responsibility, overcoming all the adversities. But…

Such a person might never be able to appear on the esports arena again. Even so, she had appeared here even though she could have gone her own way.

Be it her or his boss, they had choses to come to such a dangerous place because there were people they wanted to save.

Fatty wasn’t afraid of anything but he was afraid that they were too late.

Psychiatrist had the same fear. Hence, the moment he saw her face, his first reaction was to shout towards the lake. “Boss, your most important person is still alive!”

But it was useless, the speedboat was too far away. What was left was a vague figure in the distance. No one was sure what was happening onboard.

With a swoosh, Bo Jiu pulled the banana leaves from the Lamborghini. “Verbal password, unlock.”

The doors open with a thud and the navigation system starting up. Little Blackie had wanted to tease its master but she commanded, “Underwater mode, immediately.”

“Underwater mode activated,” the navigation system announced. “There isn’t sufficient petrol, Master take note, we might not be able to come back.”

Bo Jiu wore a pair of googles. “Ignore it.”

“Yes.” Little Blackie knew in that instant that its Master had lost her cool. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have just started off without considering the petrol level.

That wasn’t all. When she gripped onto the steering wheel and entered the water, the expression that seeped out was unlike her, filled with heartache and pain. Little Blackie could hear a rare impatience in her voice. “Brother Mo, wait a little more, I’ll be there soon, very soon.”

Little Blackie didn’t understand human emotions but it could see that when someone was deeply in love, their greatest fear was to lose their loved ones.

On the speedboat above the lake, Kawang took another step forward, his gaze resting on Qin Mo’s soulless gaze. “I have a remote control here. As long as you press this red button, you can wipe out some of the people who killed her. As for the rest, you can find them slowly.”

At this moment, Qin Mo seemed to be possessed, watching the bright red color blankly.

“Come on, you are most qualified to make this judgement.” Kawang was still as graceful as before since the critical moment was approaching. The moment he pressed the button, the wooden hut not far from them would explode because of the countless numbers of bombs buried underground all going off.

Those soldiers who had undermined his plan and some people who refused to be captured by him would be buried with his sea of flowers. More importantly, Qin Mo would be the one who would be doing it. That alone would signify is victory.

Yes, that had been his plan from the start. He didn’t care about those underlings. Even though it might be difficult to find another batch of acceptable underlings, to have Qin Mo in exchange was enough.

Kawang’s smile deepened when Qin Mo reached out as though he had been summoned…

Just as Kawang thought he was going to press the control, a loud swoosh was heard and he tossed the remote control into the water.

Qin Mo stood at the original spot, the lake breeze blowing his black trench coat, making him look like a vampire that was about to attack. There was an indescribable sinister smile lurking in the corner of his lips. It seemed to be mocking the world, a bloodthirsty lightness. Kawang’s face changed instantly!

After looking at Qin Mo like this, he suddenly remembered a psychology article he had read. Most people who were hypnotized would naturally surrender to the hypnotist. But there was still an extremely small percentage of people who, once their conviction reached a certain level, wouldn’t surrender and would instead…

Kawang didn’t wish to continue down that thought, pointing his gun at Qin Mo. Since he wouldn’t surrender, he would have to be disposed of!

Qin Mo wouldn’t give him the chance though. In a flash, the poker card flew out from his fingers, more deadly than before.

When the poker card glid through his palms, Kawang missed his shot, the bullet hitting the mercenary that had tried to stop Qin Mo.

Kawang’s eyes widened. He knew how skilled Qin Mo was but could never tell his bottom line. But this time, he witnessed it. Similarly, he met the real hell.

At this moment, Qin Mo clearly had no worries. And because of his lack of worries, there was only one thought in his heart: Kill. Kill. All of them would be killed, especially him.

Many people had said that Young Master Qin’s hands were extremely alluring when they were playing esports and must be much more beautiful when he played the piano. But they weren’t aware that his hands, porcelain white and jade cold, were startling when they killed with poker cards.

As a prey, Kawang had never felt his heart race faster than this moment. In this instant, there was panic in his eyes. Even his usual grace was no longer on his face. He pressed his arm, struggling to pick up the rifle.

Qin Mo walked in front of him, his eyes as deep as when they had first met. But this time, the wavering light from within was darker. “You claim to be right and that they deserve to die. But the one that deserves to die the most is you, Professor.” Qin Mo smiled casually. When he laughed, there were blood stains within his eyes.

It was more beautiful than anything Kawang had seen. “You seem to want to control me. Professor, didn’t the literature you read tell you about plans backfiring?” Qin Mo’s poker card pressed against Kawang’s neck.

“I do have some regrets,” Kawang said. Just then, a blade appeared in his palms and before Qin Mo could react, Kawang stabbed him!

Qin Mo dodged, his leg legs kicking him and pushing him onto the ground. Kawang’s eyes wavered because he realized that he was at his end. In the past, Qin Mo wouldn’t have acted in such a manner. But…

Kawang laughed deeply, a darkness seeping from his eyes. “Qin Mo, you have turned into another me, do you think you can learn unharmed? Even if I die, you lost.”

“You are just like before, when you were a professor, filled with bullshit.” Qin Mo picked him up with a smile. His eyes had begun to overflow with redness. “Since you like the water so much, I’ll follow your way and tie a heavy item on your legs. Don’t worry, I won’t knock you out, drowning should be admired slowly.”

There was an obvious fear on Kawang’s face, he would rather Qin Mo just shoot him. He hadn’t expected him to be using such a matter.

Conscious but unable to save himself. Did Qin Mo want him to taste all the sufferings from that person? Kawang wanted to retaliate but it was already over the moment he lost in the psychological battle as there wasn’t any other area in which he was better than Qin Mo.

In two seconds, Kawang noticed that his wrist had been cut. Anyone with basic knowledge knew what would happen when a cut on the wrist was thrown into the water. The harder he struggled, the faster he would bleed. Moreover, there was a heavy object tied to his legs. Then a mellow drop was heard.

There was no way he could reach the water surface, unless he coiled his body and removed the heavy object. But just as he had said previously, the more he moved his arms, the faster he would bleed. Moreover, the blood loss was draining his energy and resolve.

Senior psychologists had actually learned to untie knots but this time, Kawang couldn’t do it. At the start, he struggled but when his breath could no longer keep up, blood had started to spread across the lake. Gradually, his fingers stopped and his body started to sink.

The speedboat had stopped moving. Qin Mo stood at the edge with a massive headache that forced him into a seated position. Fresh blood stained his eyes.

Have you heard this story? In the bible, there was an archangel in charge of the God Realm, Michael. He was as noble as ice and snow and had the most beautiful appearance. He was the glory of the whole God Realm.

But no one knew that the archangel had lost all his feelings while maintaining order in the human world. He continually sliced his flesh and used his blood to save lives but was met with backlash. That was when he knew that this was how humans were because he had met all the darkness in the world. No matter what the situation was, even if he passed to the other side while guiding, his holy robe would not be stained.

This was until he met a man. It was the most deviant fallen angel, the young Lucifer. Only then did Michael’s feelings return. At the beginning it was impatience. Gradually, he wanted to see him since it was Lucifer that had provoked him first. At that time, Lucifer’s demon consciousness had not been opened. He laid in his arms like a well-behaved little devil. Michael thought that the two of them would be together for a long time.

It wasn’t until the God Realm received a letter from the human world that it launched into a war of the largest scale. His most beloved Lucifer walked out from the ashes, completely disfigured from the flames. From then on, when Michael waved the sword in his hand, there was only a frosty coldness. From a high position, he killed mindlessly.

Now, Qin Mo was just like Michael. Beneath the golden rays, he leaned against the boat, completely unconcerned about his bleeding hand.

The setting sun cast a red glow in his eyes. Graceful, mysterious, and noble were words that could be used to describe him. But anyone who saw him at this moment knew that this wasn’t the Qin Mo they knew.

Qin Mo glanced over as if he was admiring the impending darkness. Such a Qin Mo made the reinforcements hesitate.

Right at this moment, a strong wave rolled over and a black bat flew out from beneath the lake! A figure leaped onto the blood-soaked speedboat.

From afar, the others could see the youngster remove her goggles, her hair still dripping with water. The originally seated Major General Qin reached out and grabbed her neck. At that moment, everyone held their breath.

Young Master Tang was nearest to them and had noticed a problem. “Qin Mo’s hypnosis is complete.”

The highest directive was for Qin Mo to be brought back for further assessment when he reached an uncontrolled state. What should they do next? Right now, none of them dared to approach him because he was too dangerous.

Qin Mo watched as the youngster came nearer, a malicious and sinister smile spreading across his face. “A prey seeking death?”

Bo Jiu could barely breathe as she looked into the foreign pair of eyes. Her heart was so painful it seemed to be ripped apart but she continued to smile. She seemed to have difficulty speaking. “Brother Mo, I can forgive you for forgetting the young me but how could you have forgotten the adult me as well?”

“Brother Mo?” Qin Mo leaned in nearer to her face. “How could I possibly have such a short younger brother? Don’t you even know how to lie?”

In reality, Qin Mo didn’t understand why he would release his grip unconsciously whenever she was in pain. It was as if he was possessed. Forget it, she wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. If she did, he could slash her throat with the poker cards at any time.

But what he hadn’t expected was that the moment he pushed her away, the youngster hugged him. In a voice deep and slightly raspy, she said, “Brother Mo, this time, I’ll bring you home.”