Chapter 1273 - Darling, We are Lovers

Chapter 1273 Darling, We are Lovers

Bring me home?

Qin Mo swept a glance at the person hugging him. He reached out and lifted her chin. This person was really interesting. Didn’t he see his blood-stained palms? Or did he not see the dead man at the side?

There was blood everywhere and he was the one who had killed them. None of the speedboats on the lake dared to approach him but this fearless youngster leaned forward. What was he trying to do?

Qin Mo studied his face, before replying, “The people behind you don’t have any intention of letting me home.”

Bo Jiu immediately took a clear stand. “We aren’t on the same side, I’m one of the bad guys.”

There wasn’t any emotion on Qin Mo’s face, especially right now when his lips were turned upwards, the poker card never once leaving his fingers. It was obvious he didn’t trust Bo Jiu. “You called me brother. Are you my younger brother?”


He had originally thought the youngster would admit it since that would lower his guard. Qin Mo hadn’t expected her to deny it, his brows arched upwards.

The youngster stood up, her pale lights touching his.

Qin Mo stiffened. He could feel the youngster’s breath and the cooling tenderness. There was a faint fruity taste that entered his senses. The warmth stopped him from pushing the youngster away.

Then he heard the youngster’s voice. “I’m your sugar daddy and we are lovers.”

Qin Mo stiffened again. His gaze landed on the youngster’s lifted lips and pressed her head downwards, with a slightly lowered body, his breath blew into the youngster’s ear. “You mean I not only fell for a boy but was even taken care of by him?”

“Brother Mo.” Bo Jiu chuckled. She didn’t deny his claims and instead reached out for his hands, moving it to her chest.

The soft tough made his fingers pause, his brows furrowed. A girl? With no shame?

She behaved like a little ruffian, completely unaware of her shamelessness as she leaned forward. “Your favorite feeling.”

Interesting. Qin Mo was intrigued. He arched a brow slowly. “Indeed, I don’t like it too big but other than being small, you don’t seem to have any other merits.”

Bo Jiu: … The dark Almighty didn’t seem to have forgotten his sharp tongue.

“But product inspection depends on my personal preferences.” Qin Mo reached out and pulled her into his arms. With his black trench coat as cover, his hands entered her clothes and touched the irresistible curve of her waist. It was smooth, porcelain white and delicate, just like a top-grade jade.”

The instant they touched, Qin Mo fell in love with the touch. His gaze deepened, hating the impact she had on him. He reached out and pushed her a safe distance away.

“What is it?” Bo Jiu started to blush, the feeling sending her ears ablaze.

Qin Mo smiled, a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Since you are my sugar daddy, shouldn’t you be the one diverting the speedboats around us?”

Bo Jiu noticed his guard against the military and the menacing air that was seeping out of his eyes. It was an entirely different emotion. But even so, he was still him.

“What is it?” Qin Mo pushed a lock of hair behind the youngster’s ear and smiled warmly. “You are not willing? Aren’t we lovers? You wouldn’t even do something of this level for me?”

Bo Jiu looked at him, her eyes clear and bright, showing a hint of her intelligence. “If that’s what you want, I will.”

She glanced over towards the speedboats but had no intention of giving out orders.

Before Bo Jiu could say anything, a voice came over. “Qin Mo has to go with us, someone will settle the rest.”

It was a rejection. Since the situation was as such.

“Young Master Tang, you should know I won’t be handing him to the military.”

Bo Jiu knew that even if he followed them back, the Almighty would be given the best treatment. But what about psychologically? Or perhaps, the result would be the same as before.

Qin Mo was no longer suitable for his rank. For the sake of everyone’s safety, they would send him back to Jiang City. He had done so much and had sacrificed his favorite esports, trapping himself back to such a state. In the end, this was how he was treated. Just because he could no longer be the past Qin Mo.

The military wasn’t wrong, he was too dangerous right now. While Kawang could hypnotize someone in a short amount of time, the Almighty had the ability to manipulate one’s heart. Anti-reconnaissance, combat effectiveness, long-range sniping, and even the most natural reactions were familiar with the military battle style. Once he joined the dark side, the military was bound to be afraid of him.

Bo Jiu could only trust herself. She was afraid; afraid they would see him as a second Kawang, the psychological freak, keeping him captive.

That wasn’t her pet. Her pet had always been a little prince – arrogant, indifferent, and righteous. He was most suited to be an Almighty. He should always be clean and untouched. How could she allow them to treat him like a virus, placed in quarantine – even if he was given the best facilities.

“I’m taking him away.” Bo Jiu smiled. “If we can’t settle this peacefully, I have my ways and I believe Young Master Tang doesn’t wish to be an enemy.”

The man replied calmly, “Z, have you thought about the consequences of taking him away? The military would be after you but that isn’t important. Are you sure he doesn’t have other plans? He is extremely dangerous right now and you should know that. He might end up controlling you, making you do things his way.”

Qin Mo chuckled. He hadn’t expected the man to be this smart. It seemed like his plan wasn’t going to work out…

“I’ll take full responsibility. I told you, this time, I’m bringing him home.”

Qin Mo felt a shock run through him, turning to look at the youngster warmly. There were other thoughts in his bottomless eyes. She already knew about his plans. Ah, this was the reason she said, “If that’s what you want, I will.”

She had detected his bad intentions but yet, she had agreed to his request. Was she an idiot?