Chapter 1274 - Sugar Daddy

Chapter 1274 Sugar Daddy

Bo Jiu didn’t notice the change in his eyes. Even Qin Mo himself hadn’t noticed the hint of interest and tenderness in his deep eyes.

The golden sun rays spilled into his gaze. It was just like the rippled lake, deep and unfathomable.

There was someone other than Young Master Tang in charge and his stand was firm. “Qin Mo has to go with us.”

While Young Master Tang remained silent, Bo Jiu laughed. Her hair was ruffled. “I guess things are going to look ugly.”

“Who are you? How dare you speak to me like that!”

Young Master Tang glanced back and laughed. He took a step back as though giving him the chance to step in since he volunteered but Bo Jiu saw through his actions. As long as he didn’t stop her, she still stood a chance.

The commander behind Young Master Tang had no idea who he was dealing with. He was about to warn her again when the youngster shouted, “Little Blackie.”

Swoosh! Droplets flew everywhere, not giving anyone a chance to see what had happened.

Qin Mo arched his brow because the youngster didn’t give him any chance to react either. She reached for his wrist with one hand and with the other, she swiped open the silver electric lighter. With a smile on her face, she tossed it at the speedboat’s fuel tank! The next moment, she pulled him towards the other end and a thundering explosion pierced through the air!

The stern of the speedboats ignited and the flames scattered all over the sky. In that instant, the surrounding speedboats couldn’t come close. It was a mesmerizing sight; a red tinge blending into the sunset. Her beautiful escape was as expected of Z.

If he was by her side, Qin Mo might be able to suppress his need to kill. Young Master Tang pushed his spectacles up his nose and turned towards the confused commander, his voice indifferent. “I guess we won’t be leaving with Qin Mo.”

“Is that youngster crazy?!” The commander grabbed a wad of hair. “He actually used such a tactic to escape. How can you stay so calm when we have to explain to our bosses!”

Young Master Tang laughed. “I don’t care about explaining. We did the saving and Kawang didn’t end up in someone else’s hands. As for anything else, I have to depend on Commander to do the report.”

The commanding officer stiffened. “Wait a minute, why am I the one writing the report?”

“This question,” Young Master Tang reached out and patted his shoulder, “Commander can think about it.”

The commander grew increasingly frustrated. “That youngster is to blame. Doesn’t he know how dangerous Qin Mo is right now?”

“It’s a pity. If it hadn’t been for that youngster, we wouldn’t have gotten the location of this island.” Young Master Tang turned around. Although his gaze was emotionless, the coldness was obvious.

The commander opened his mouth but didn’t say anything more. Firstly, because of his gaze and secondly, because he hadn’t known the youngster to be the crucial factor behind defeating Kawang.

The flames on the lake blended into the fiery sunset.

The water had always been Bo Jiu’s greatest enemy. She couldn’t swim well and had difficulties breathing. Thus, before she reached the Lamborghini, her hands started to weaken. But before she started to fall downwards, someone held onto her left hand, pulling her upwards.

The next moment, cooling lips and a tobacco and herb smell entered her senses. Bo Jiu’s pupils wavered when she realized what he was doing.

When Qin Mo released her hands, Little Blackie activated its underwater mod. You could hear the sigh in its voice. “Master, that was a close call, I thought you were going to die. I couldn’t feel any warmth from your body.”

Bo Jiu panted, her body tilting over towards the soaked Qin Mo. His lips were wet but it didn’t affect his heavenly good looks. Moreover, there was an enigmatic smile playing at his lips. Bo Jiu caressed her nose. He could have prolonged the CPR, she wouldn’t have minded.

He seemed to have seen through her thoughts, his handsome face approaching with a devilish smile. “You seemed to relinquish the moment before.”

Before Bo Jiu could reply, Little Blackie detected the voice and exclaimed, “The devil!”

“Devil?” Qin Mo arched his brows towards the rear mirror. “Are you referring to me?”

Little Blackie trembled. This devil wasn’t even suppressing his inner nature in front of Master.Terrifying, terrifying! Little Blackie refused to reply, switching off its voice system!

“A transformable car that can talk.” Qin Mo laughed, his hands touching Bo Jiu’s face. “Seems like my sugar daddy has a formidable background.”

Bo Jiu glanced over towards his fingers. There were many small cuts covering his hands, probably because he had used poker cards to kill. She knew he still had half the deck, which also meant he didn’t trust her. But that wasn’t important.

Bo Jiu pulled open the concealed storage box in the middle of the car. Inside were all the medical supplies she had gotten from the Mongolian doctor but only the band aid seemed useful.

Bo Jiu used her teeth to rip open a packet and pulled Qin Mo’s arm over. She glanced down and pasted the band aid over his wounds carefully as though she was dealing with a precious treasure. “Your hand is very important to you. It cannot be hurt.” Bo Jiu tore open another band aid. From the looks of it, she seemed determined to paste one on every cut he had.

From the beginning to the end, Qin Mo didn’t move an inch. He just watched the top of her head and the other hand that was about to be lifted, sank down slowly.

Qin Mo told himself that he hadn’t killed her because there wasn’t a need. Besides, there weren’t many idiots like her around. He was curious about the extent the youngster would go for him.

Lovers? Qin Mo laughed but the warmth didn’t enter his eyes. Love wasn’t of use to him.

“So, my Sugar Daddy, where are you going to bring me now?” Qin Mo didn’t believe he was taken care of like a mistress. With such abilities to lie, he was starting to wonder how she could live until this age.

Bo Jiu paused, smiling. “Jiang City.”

That was right, they would have to return because the Asian Cup was still waiting for him. Besides, being in a familiar environment would help bring his memory back.

It didn’t matter where he went but he wasn’t sure if he would lose interest in the youngster mid journey and end up tossing her away. But one thing was for certain: He was interested in her.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you, let’s go to Jiang City.” Qin Mo lifted her hands, pressing it onto his lips. It was a light kiss, without any warmth. Instead, there was a chilliness from the water.

The Qin Mo now…