Chapter 1276 - Untitled

Chapter 1276 Untitled

Midway, Bo Jiu managed to connect to the internet. First, she used the navigation system to search for local news. Fortunately, since the mission was confidential, none of the news regarding the Almighty had been released, including the details of the mission. With a S level confidentiality, no one was sure what had happened.

But Bo Jiu knew that the Almighty’s family background wasn’t the same and his family would definitely receive news of his condition.

There were many with a misconception, assuming that Qin Mo would contact the operations team. They hadn’t expected the first person to receive news of Qin Mo’s condition to be Movie Queen An. Bo Jiu made the call.

It was snowing heavily overseas. Movie Queen An was walking to the airport when she received the call. Her assistant was afraid she would catch a cold, hurriedly placing a big woolen coat over her shoulders.

Today, Movie Queen An wasn’t in her best condition and hadn’t continued the filming. They also knew she had booked a ticket and was about to fly back to China because of family matters.

A flower that had lost its glow was the best description of her current state. Her assistant had never seen this young lady and wealthy mistress so upset that her eyes were red and swollen.


Judging from the voice itself, Bo Jiu could tell she had cried. She paused before replying, “Auntie, it’s me, Jiu. Brother Mo is with me right now.”

Movie Queen An suddenly stopped moving, joy seeping into her eyes. She couldn’t hold her emotions any longer, covering her mouth with her hands. “That’s good, that’s good,” she repeated. Her long black hair slipped across her cheeks like a satin, shielding her tears.

In the face of a senior, Bo Jiu was at a loss for words. “Don’t worry, I will take care of Brother Mo.”

“I know, Jiu, thank you.” Movie Queen An sniffed, looking very much like a young lady. “I have always been assured to place that cold and emotionless boy with you but tell me the truth. His current condition… is it very bad?”

“A little.” Bo Jiu thought for a moment before replying more firmly, “He lost his memory.”

After Movie Queen An heard these words, she was a little shaky but she had somewhat expected such an outcome when her son had decided to take on the mission. She had been aware of the possibility of such a consequence. Because of that, she hadn’t been willing to pick up Mr Qin’s calls for the past few days since she knew the responsibilities of the Qin family.

But right now, all she felt was sorry for her son. When he had been young, her son had always been smarter than her. It was to the extent she hadn’t thought that he had needed her companionship.

That seemed to be the Qin family’s education system though. Her son had always been obedient and mature. His personality might be cold but he had spared no effort in protecting her.

When he had been five years old, he had participated in an event with her. During that event, someone had wanted to get her drunk and her husband hadn’t been around. But the tiny figure had straightened in front of her like a little prince. “Sir, my mom doesn’t drink. Besides, hasn’t anyone taught you how to treat a lady?” He had spoken in English in an even tone, using his gaze to deal with him.

She hadn’t spent much time with him and he had been sent to a bunch of lessons arranged by Mr Qin. Gradually, he had grown solemn and spoken less. When she had realized this and wanted to make amendments, it had already been too late.

Just like three years ago, when she had watched as he had difficulties sleeping after executing a mission. It had seemed as though a part of him had died with the mission. Until Jiu showed up…

Even though Movie Queen An wasn’t in touch with the military matters, she knew the reason he had left back then. Because he wasn’t mentally suited to be in the military.

She had heard all the contents of Mr Qin’s call in the study. Her son had been hypnotized and would turn into another person when it was activated. He would turn into an extremely dangerous person, a wanted criminal that was hard to deal with. Hence, he hadn’t been suited to stay in the military.

Back then, Movie Queen An had been heartbroken. She was a mother. What had happened to her son? He had risked his life to be repaid with such a consequence.

This time, when he had gone on the border mission, she had already predicted the outcome. She had been afraid no one would dare approach him again. Fortunately, Jiu was there.

Movie Queen An gripped onto the staircase and inhaled deeply, failing to suppress the sound. In the end, her breathing normalized. “Even though you are a boy, Jiu, please stay beside him because you are all he has.” That was a mother’s most sincere plea.

But… Bo Jiu stiffened. She had assumed Movie Queen An had found out about her real identity.

Perhaps it was because she had been out filming. She had seen Movie Queen An during her filming. She was someone who wouldn’t pick up anyone’s call and would take only one trip to the An family house, mainly to take her clothes.

Besides, it would take time for the news to travel overseas and she wasn’t exactly a big shot.

After thinking through the news, she took on a slightly guilty tone. “Actually, there has been something I have been meaning to tell you.”

“You don’t have to say anything, Auntie understands.” Movie Queen An smiled, wiping her tears. “Auntie has always been aware about your mutual love for each other. I have discussed with Sister He, once you enter university, the both of you can register your marriage in Switzerland. As for children, you can always engage a surrogate. If you don’t wish to do that, it’s fine. You can adopt but now that Mo has lost his memories…” Movie Queen An’s emotions started to dampen.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “You discussed with my mom? She agreed to it?”

“Initially, Sister He wasn’t agreeable,” Movie Queen An said like a child, growing excited. “Thereafter, I recommended many related movies and novels for her to read and even introduced her to a few established and successful people from your circle. She gradually came to accept it. In all honesty, I couldn’t accept it at first. It wasn’t because you aren’t good enough but the road would be tough. But after thinking it through, it really isn’t that bad. There are many outstanding people like you guys overseas. Even though my indifferent son looks like he doesn’t know how to care for others, auntie knows you are the only one that can make him smile. No one else can have that effect on him. You don’t have to worry about the repercussions, Mo won’t be going into politics and I don’t intend for him to stay in the Qin family. He can just take my family name. You don’t have to care about his father at all. If he dares to oppose, I will prepare to divorce him!”

Assistant Deputy Zhang replied silently, “General would never agree to it.”

“I don’t care if he agrees or not.” Movie Queen An was still elegant and beautiful even when she was angry.

Bo Jiu knew she was being spiteful but she couldn’t cause the Almighty’s parents to really divorce. “Auntie, listen to me.” Bo Jiu coughed twice. “When I was younger, in order to fight for better living conditions and to prevent me from being bullied by the mistress, my mom brought me up as a boy. I may dress and behave like a boy but actually, I am biologically a girl.”

Movie Queen An stiffened and her eyes widened in disbelief. “Gir-girl?”

Bo Jiu repeated bashfully, “Yes.”

“Th-that…” Movie Queen An couldn’t seem to find her thoughts. “My son…”

Bo Jiu coughed. “Brother Mo knew about this a long time ago.”

“You mean he knew about it?” Movie Queen An eyes widened further. “He hasn’t said anything to me and even hinted that your relationship would be tough and for me to settle it soon in case you leave with a girlfriend. That was the reason I went to seek out Sister He. That boy, that boy is too much.” Even though he was her biological son, she was at a loss for words. Only Bo Jiu could turn her son into such a childish boy who used such a method.

“This can’t do, I originally planned for the both of you to wear suits during the wedding and even sent the sizes down. I have to change it into a wedding dress now. I’ll contact Robert in a moment. Jiu, do you have any preference for the style of the wedding dress? Do you prefer Chinese or Western?”

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected such a change in direction but she had never been shy. “I’m fine with anything. Once I bring Brother Mo back and the Asian Cup is over, we will get married.”

Movie Queen smiled, moved by her words. “Alright.” She knew, there wasn’t anyone else who would be willing to marry a dangerous person who had lost his memory. Only Jiu would do that. Perhaps, she finally understood the reason for his persistence in being with Jiu.

To be loved by such a person, anyone would yield. And he wouldn’t be able to accept anyone else.

But the fact that Jiu was a girl made Movie Queen An overjoyed. Her excitement was obvious from her expression. She decided not to return back to China and immediately contacted a designer.

Assistant Deputy Zhang was still thinking about how to report to his boss.

On the other end, in the MT region, it wasn’t easy to find an inn they could live in. Fortunately, Bo Jiu was lucky as could speak the native language. But the living conditions weren’t the best. There were definitely no doubles, the hot water wasn’t hot enough, and the bed was narrow, barely enough for two. There was nothing else in the room other than a wooden chair.

Qin Mo woke up and turned over, his arms resting on a certain someone’s shoulder.

She was still speaking, “You probably never lived in a house like this but it’s good that the bed is small, we can cuddle to sleep.”

Her intentions were obvious, she was really treating herself as a sugar daddy. Was there such a sugar daddy in this world? Even Qin Mo himself hadn’t noticed the smile on his face. He shut his eyes. His body was still cold.

After the short nap in the car, his energy seemed to be returning. Bo Jiu watched the man on the chair and prepared a cup of hot water. Using a cotton bud, she wet his lips.

Qin Mo knew what she was doing but hadn’t expected her to take it that far. After wetting his lips three times, she grumbled, “This is too troublesome. Since we have kissed so many times…”

Before he could react, her lips pressed onto his. She had the same pleasant smell, the water from her lips sweeter than before. Qin Mo frowned but didn’t push her away even though her motives were obvious.

“Would one bite be too little?” Bo Jiu lowered her back, her face serious. In the end, she decided to just go for it. Just like that, Qin Mo was kissed three times. On the fourth time, Bo Jiu realized an issue and decided to remove the Almighty’s pants so that she could climb up the bed.

But the moment she touched his belt, his eyes flew open. His gaze was deep and his voice was slightly raspy. “What are you going to do to me? Mmh?”

Before she could reply, Qin Mo turned his arm, pressing her onto the ground half naked. His hot breath splashed onto her face. “Your clothes are wetter than mine, do you need my help to remove it?”

Qin Mo’s left hand had entered her shirt, onto the skin that comforted him. He smiled. “You can take the chance to fill me in on the dynamics of our relationship.”

Her body started to heat up, not knowing if it was from his heated breath or because of his actions. And finally, there was color on her lips. As it was a good chance, Bo Jiu smiled. “You listened to me well last time.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo didn’t slow down, his brows raised.

Bo Jiu continued as though she was telling the truth, “You would always accede to my requests and love me a lot and even thought of many ways to confess to me.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo paused, going through her words.

Bo Jiu reached out to hug his neck, a smile on her face. “Brother Mo, look at my face, you should be able to tell how many admirers I have, which is the reason you often feel threatened and jealous.”

“Do you think I lost consciousness after the amnesia or do you think the fever affected my brain?” Qin Mo slowly raised her chin. “Would I do those?”

Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit worried about her lie being seen through. “Yes.”

Qin Mo watched the impudent rascal. He suddenly placed her flushing ears between his lips, his voice devilish. “If it is as you said, I must be very proactive in bed.”

Her skin started to burn wherever his hands touched. The Almighty was more irresistible in certain areas. He seemed to have bit down on her neck.

“So, my Sugar Daddy, how do you like to be serviced?” Qin Mo laughed and leaned forward to kiss the area he had bitten, danger seeping into his eyes.

Bo Jiu trembled, her back arching upwards and her body heating up.