Chapter 1277 - Untitled

Chapter 1277 Untitled

Her head started spinning and her breath became hot.

Perhaps it was due to the hypnosis that the Almighty’s more unscrupulous side exploded because even the way he kissed was different; it was evil and icy cold. Indeed, he couldn’t be stopped.

The numbing sensation that spread through her neck drowned out all thoughts. There was a very slight pain in the itch. It felt like a vampire’s embrace.

A book had once mentioned that When he kissed my neck, all other feelings seemed to disappear.

Left with an exquisite comfort that sunk her in.

She could smell him. He was so mesmerizing she started to sink deeper and deeper. She could never forget that view. Just like shooting stars, her entire body was yearning for his next moves.

Bo Jiu wrapped her arm around Qin Mo, her fair and slender neck stretched out like a pure and innocent young girl paying homage to the devil.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed. His lips came close and he was about to take the next step when he noticed the unusual flush on her face.

Her body temperature was higher than his. And when had she hurt her hand?

It looked like iron wire scratches, with fresh blood stains on the wound. Did she get it while finding fuel for the car?

She was indeed an idiot. Even until this point, she had still driven the entire journey.

Qin Mo couldn’t explain his emotions. His pupils constricted and something seeped out from his chest. It was stuffy but not entirely stuffy. It was very hot, as if it had passed through her body into his, especially when her breath was so close to his. The heart rate that couldn’t lie.

He couldn’t continue on with his next step. He had wanted to take advantage of her ruthlessly and take off since he didn’t believe a word she had said. For instance, she was his sugar daddy.

Qin Mo’s fingers glid past her face, his voice deep. “Get up.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu’s head was heavy and she couldn’t hear his words clearly. Was he angry? He seemed to be smiling but there wasn’t a hint of warmth.

Qin Mo looked at her for a second before leaning to carry her decisively. He entered the toilet and stripped off her clothes. Everything happened too fast for Bo Jiu to react.

Under the light, she was an alluringly fair. Her collarbones and shoulders were both the pride of a young girl. It was so mesmerizing he couldn’t take his eyes away. Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed and even his fingers froze. He seemed to be resisting. With a swoosh, he pulled a bath towel over, wrapping her entire body.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Brother Mo, what is it?”

Qin Mo glanced over to pinch her chin. “Do you know you have a fever?”

Bo Jiu paused. Her expression was slightly dazed. She hadn’t noticed her raised body temperature and muttered, “That explains the dizziness.”

Somehow, he could no longer maintain his indifference. He had intended to approach her in such a manner in order to achieve his goals but now… Qin Mo carried her and tossed her onto the wooden bed before lying over, his beautiful face inches away from hers. His legs curved slightly between her legs, his eyes dark and bottomless. “Are you an idiot?”