Chapter 1278 - Another Way to Breathe

Chapter 1278 Another Way to Breathe

She was so caught up with him, she had completely neglected herself. Qin Mo didn’t like her behavior and was even more against the way she was affecting his emotions.

Bo Jiu looked at him and seemed to have suddenly realized the reasons for his actions. She reached out and hugged his waist, her smile faint. “Brother Mo, you care about me!”

Qin Mo stilled. Since he couldn’t turn, he smirked dismissively. “Heh.” He pinched a strain of hair between his fingers. “Aren’t you my sugar daddy? If I don’t show concern, who’s going to give me my pocket money?”

“You are rather familiar with your position.” Bo Jiu coughed but the smile was bright on her face.

Qin Mo frowned. “What’s wrong with your body?” A fever wouldn’t be this bad.

“Asthma.” Bo Jiu was indeed having difficulties breathing.

Qin Mo glanced at her, feeling an unfathomable heaviness in his chest. Regardless of his motives for being around her, he didn’t like seeing his prey in such a horrid state. “You can’t breathe?”

“A little.” It wasn’t anything serious. Bo Jiu still had some awareness of her own body.

Qin Mo held onto her waist and lifted her higher. “Shall we try a different way to breathe?”

“Wh…” Before she could reply, his face came forward for a kiss. The peppermint breath seemed to lower her body heat. The breath was so fresh it made her nostalgic.

Kissing was addictive and even more so the Almighty’s kisses. She no longer had trouble breathing. If she relaxed, he would kiss her again, his hands on her ears; very lightly as if she were a pet. Her heart started to race as that was the most magical part.

When the kiss ended, he placed his forehead on hers, his breathing unstable, his gaze deep. “Sweet and refreshing.”

What did he mean by sweet and refreshing?! The Almighty would never have said that.Bo Jiu felt a flush raise through her, the discomfort soothed by his kiss.

Just then, she realized she was naked with only a bath towel wrapped around her, the thin layer doing nothing to conceal her.

The Almighty’s chest was inches away, his lines hard and defined, looking like a carving. When he stood up, the lines became more pronounced. He held onto her, his fingers caressing her tenderness, a devilish glint forming in his eyes. “Mmh, smooth.”

The numbing sensation made her legs weaken. Bo Jiu never knew she would be so helpless during intimacy.

He held her in his arms, watching her. Her heart was racing, every inch of her numb and comfortable. This was because he wasn’t anyone else but her pet.

“You always called me an idiot when we were kids.”

Qin Mo arched his brow. “Oh?”

Bo Jiu continued, “Back then, I really wanted to buy you and even smashed the piggy bank I saved up for a very long time. I even asked your worth per kilogram.”

Qin Mo smirked. “Idiot, how can a person be sold by their weight?”

Bo Jiu paused before she broke into a smile. In her memory, that exquisite little body had frowned and asked, “Little Bo Jiu, you are an idiot. How can a person be sold by his weight?” He was the same even after losing his memory.

“Seems like my sugar daddy isn’t paying attention.” Qin Mo reached over with a smile. “Am I not attractive enough?”