Chapter 1279 - Almighty Qin Takes Care of Jiu

Chapter 1279 Almighty Qin Takes Care of Jiu

With that, Qin Mo planted a kiss on her neck. Every touch was cold and tickling. When his body temperature returned back to normal, his skin felt like a precious and smooth premium jade. His body was pressed against her body without anything in between but they didn’t proceed to the next step. The darkness that emerged in his gaze made him look devilish. “Let’s sweat in another way?”

Bo Jiu looked at him, her consciousness swaying, her lashes fluttering, and her breath burning.

Qin Mo hugged her and trailed his hands over her skin, forcing her body into a curve. It was just as he had said, for her to sweat. Hence, he didn’t proceed to the next step. After she was hot and flushed, he would laugh deeply in her ears, savoring her lightly.

Gradually, she drifted off asleep. Bo Jiu tilted her head and shut her eyes.

Qin Mo watched the person in his arms, his gaze deepening. Forget it, he wasn’t in a rush to leave. Besides, it didn’t matter where he went. He could leave when he lost interest. “My Sugar Daddy, how long will you interest me?”

Qin Mo laughed. His fingers were caressing her dark-colored hair while a devilish smile was on his face. She wasn’t without merits. At least she smelled nice and had a nice touch that was good for hugs, her entire body brimming with warmth. This was unlike the cold that emitted from his body.

Qin Mo arched his brow, resting his jaw on the crown of head as he held onto her and was watching her. She shouldn’t be able to retaliate in such a state. But Qin Mo knew she wasn’t originally like this.

Not everyone would dare to go against ten speedboats and explode a speedboat with a lighter – all of which she had done in such a handsome manner. It wasn’t common for such a person to be so obedient.

Indeed, Bo Jiu was extremely docile. In fact, she was so quiet she resembled a little prince. Her dark hair fell down across her eyes and ears, exposing only the curve of her jaw.

Qin Mo watched for a while before reaching over to kiss her head. Just then, he suddenly stilled. Qin Mo frowned, his eyes turning cold. No one knew what went through his mind.

The unpolluted night sky was beautiful and filled with stars. This sight made it easy to fall asleep, especially with someone in his arms and thus didn’t feel as cold.

Towards the later part of the night, however, her temperature started to surge so high it woke him up from his slumber. Without hesitation, Qin Mo’s first reaction was to place his palm on her forehead. When he felt the burning heat, his eyes sunk. He left the bed and without even wearing his jacket, he left the room half naked during the dark night.

The innkeeper was a local and was having drinks on the first floor with a couple of friends. Qin Mo didn’t pause, walking straight towards them. “Do you have alcohol?”

The innkeeper swept him a glance and continued to drink and chat with his friends, ignoring Qin Mo. He reached out and was about to place a peanut into his mouth when a loud swoosh was heard.

A poker card flew onto the back of his hand. Blood oozed out immediately. It wasn’t a major injury but the innkeeper’s face contorted in pain. The people seated in front of him bolted upright, prepared to retaliate but the moment they raised the beer bottle, Qin Mo held onto their wrists and exerted strength. With a thud, the beer bottle smashed onto the ground!

The three paled instantly. Especially the innkeeper, he looked at his hands, his pupils wavering.

Qin Mo held onto the chairs and smiled, his voice elegant and graceful like a devil. “Do you have alcohol here?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The boss held onto his hand. “I’ll get some now.”

Qin Mo broke into a satisfied smile. “Thank you.”

The innkeeper trembled. This man was terrifying! When he had seen that they weren’t locals, the innkeeper hadn’t treated them seriously. But now, he didn’t dare to neglect them anymore.

This devil-like man wasn’t as weak as before when he had been supported by the youngster. Even though he was laughing, it was cold and almost sinister. Other than the alcohol, Qin Mo also brought a bucket of hot water upstairs. Before he left, however, he instructed, “There is a patient upstairs who needs to rest, don’t make unnecessary noise.”

The innkeeper was startled but hurriedly reassured him, “Yes.” His hand was so painful he could barely muster enough energy to feel angry.

The only man who wasn’t injured leaned over. “Who exactly is he? He looks so gentle. How does he know how to injure someone with a poker card?”

“How do I know!” If he had known, would he have acted so defiantly?

Qin Mo brought the bucket of hot water into the room, using his legs to shut the door. Indeed, even though he was half naked, Qin Mo was unlike anyone else. The noble and dignified aura surrounding him hadn’t dissipated but his gaze was different, with darkness morphed inside.

He glanced at Bo Jiu. Picking up the towel, he soaked it in water before placing it over her flawless forehead. The thermometers here weren’t clean, which was why Qin Mo hadn’t asked for any. Instead, he had taken a lollipop from the snacks bar at the front counter.

He had been bored from waiting for the hot water to boil and toyed with the lollipop in his hand before he unwrapped the packaging and placed the lollipop on her lips.

But she didn’t react. Qin Mo leaned over and used his lips to open hers, placing the lollipop between her lips. She seemed to have tasted the sweetness in her mouth because the youngster licked her lips, her temples less tense than before.

Qin Mo realized he didn’t like it when she was upset. Even though he found a toy, it was better for her to remain exquisite.

Qin Mo reached for her hand and applied an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to dab her joints. It wasn’t just her hands, he dabbed her knees, collarbones, tummy…

The burn made it hard for her to sleep peacefully. Thus, when she felt the soothing cooling sensation, she couldn’t help forcing her eyes open. Beneath the lights was Qin Mo’s handsome face. His head was lowered and she was the only one in his eyes.

He had just reached her logs.

The moment she woke up, her senses turned keen, the numbing sensation drowning her out. Her body was weakened and comfortable like a puddle of water, limp and soft.

Qin Mo watched the flush and her watering eyes. He paused, reaching over to kiss her collarbone. It was visibly different from before. Her fingers were in its original position, sliding down to her tenderness. His breathing turned uneven but he kept it in.

Such suppression felt foreign. But as a criminal psychologist, how could he lay hands on his own toy? Since she was a toy, she could be played and abandoned but never to the last step.

Qin Mo stopped at the last step. He watched her gleaming tear mole and smiled. “My Sugar Daddy, I might have been mesmerized if I hadn’t paid attention.”

Bo Jiu realized he wasn’t willing to touch her but it was reasonable with his cold body. Amidst the haziness, she shut her eyes.

After a long while, she seemed to have entered his arms and could faintly hear his arrogant voice. “Why isn’t your temperature dropping? Sugar Daddy, you better get better. This is, after all, the first time I attend to anyone.”

Bo Jiu wanted to laugh. Who else would force a fever away in such a manner?Besides, the Almighty must see himself as a young master.

His tone was very much like when he had been younger. His embrace was comforting.

At 3am, Bo Jiu started to sweat. She twitched about, wanting to move but he held her down. “What is it?”

“Hot.” Bo Jiu wanted to kick the blanket away.

Qin Mo wrapped her, not allowing her to move another inch. “Sleep.”

But she was still hot. In the end, she moved closer to him, soothing herself with his cool skin.

Qin Mo watched as she plastered her face on his chest, his gaze darkening and his palms tightening. That was how the night went. When she finally quietened, the fringe in front of her forehead was damp, pasting onto her forehead.

Qin Mo arched a brow, testing her body temperature once more. This time, she was no longer as hot.

Great! He didn’t wish for his toy to look so sickly.

At about 4.30am, Bo Jiu finally fell asleep. When she finally woke up, the sky was bright and light flittered through the windows onto her face.

She turned and saw the most intoxicating appearance. Every time the Almighty slept, he was worthy of the term holy. It had been the case when he had been young and it was still now that he had grown up.

Bo Jiu’s gaze fell downwards to the hands that were wrapped around her waist. It was a narrow bed, which meant they had to sleep on their sides. Because of that, they were pressed close together, his breath splashing onto her ears.

Then something attracted her attention. The thing on his neck looked like…

Bo Jiu reached out but was stopped by him. He flipped, his eyes dim and his voice raspy. “Seems like Sugar Daddy doesn’t know not to provoke a man in the morning.”

The next second, she felt a kiss land on her shoulders. It was dense and deep like a light bite that made her heart race and her mind clear.

The temperature in the room started to rise, until there were droplets on her body. That was when she realized he had placed her in the bathroom. He continued to kiss her as though loving her reactions, his lips lifted as she leaned against him weakly. But other than kisses, he didn’t do anything else.

Bo Jiu trembled, a numbing sensation running through her where his fingers trailed. But he stopped. She couldn’t understand why. Especially when he was gripping her waist so firmly and he bit down on her shoulders, his breathing turned faint and the bath towel was pulled over.

“Is this how we were in the past?” His black hair was still dripping, the droplets falling onto her collarbone.

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu was already wrapped in the towel, waiting for the heat to dissipate.

Qin Mo laughed but his expression couldn’t be seen. “Is that so?”

Bo Jiu didn’t think this was an appropriate reaction and was about to speak up when he glanced up, a malicious glint in his eyes. “Seems like my Sugar Daddy likes this sort of thing. It’s a pity your current body condition isn’t right. Otherwise…”

Qin Mo leaned over and bit her ears. His breath was steamy but there wasn’t any warmth in his eyes. “We can do anything.”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply because of the clear knock outside the door. In such places, the soundproofing wasn’t well done and even with two doors separating them, their voices could be heard.

It was the innkeeper. “Breakfast is ready. If the two guests are awake, please come and take it by the door.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “They serve breakfast in such places?”

She had stayed in inns before and having hot water was already a blessing. But now they were serving breaking and it was even personally delivered by the innkeeper?

The innocent Jiu would never have thought of it but last night, the innkeeper had been traumatized by the Almighty.

It wasn’t just breakfast, he would probably have prepared an entire feast for them.

“I’ll get it.”

With a swoosh. Qin Mo opened the toilet door, tossed her two sets of clothes, and wore a pair of long pants.

The entire motion was suave, sharp, and cool. It was indeed different from the previous Qin Mo.

When he opened the door, the innkeeper froze. His hands holding the breakfast tray were trembling slightly. The innkeeper had never met such a gorgeous man. His good looks were emphasized when his hair was wet. But this was also the reason he resembled the devil in comics. Especially his eyes that were so cold it made him cold.

This man didn’t seem to be in a good mood. That… couldn’t be? Was he going to be injured again, like yesterday?

“You can go now.” Without his toy in sight, Qin Mo wasn’t concerned about concealing his murderous aura.

The innkeeper shook. Without another word, he passed the breakfast tray over and fled the scene.

He couldn’t help feeling admiration for the youngster that had carried him in the night before. Speaking of which, the youngster had made it seem like his friend was frail and weak, someone who would curl up in pain the moment he touched something.

That was the reason he had assumed he was a flowerpot. But he wasn’t a flowerpot, he clearly was a devil! That youngster had been treating him like a fragile and exquisite prince… Was there really no misunderstanding?