Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Boys and Girls Shouldn’t Share The Same Table In the Future

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The director didn’t understand why Young Master Qin was suddenly concerned about seating arrangements, but he said respectfully, “Yes.”

“Director Quan, don’t you think that if boys and girls sit together, they will easily develop the wrong feelings?” Qin Mo used his slender fingers to grip the mineral water bottle. His eyes were slightly chilly just like the water in that bottle they were reflected in.

Director Quan was confused, “Wrong feelings?”

“Puppy love.”

After Qin Mo had said those two words, Director Quan on the other side of the phone immediately understood Young Master Qin’s meaning. “Yes, yes, Young Master Qin, you are right. Several of us directors have sat down to discuss the problem. The rule allowing boys and girls to share the same table must be changed.”

Qin Mo said lightly, “Yeah.”

Director Quan didn’t understand the emotion behind it, and he asked nervously, “Young Master Qin, do you know anybody in the lower class?” Otherwise, according to Young Master Qin’s personality, he would not ask about the people in the school.

This time Qin Mo said nothing because the boy was raising his eyes to look at him with his long, narrow, and beautiful eyes.

Fu Jiu didn’t know what Master Qin said. Because she was also thirsty, she had followed behind him, and she saw the man holding a phone in his hand. She then raised her eyebrow. “Brother Mo, did you get the information?”

“I am getting it.” Qin Mo passed the mineral water bottle to the boy, and he said in a faint voice, “That’s all. Send the course progress to me later.”

Almighty Qin didn’t think that there was anything wrong with his behavior.

As the older brother, he must put an end to things early by cutting off the roots.

Since the youngster liked flirting with people, then he would keep a close watch on him and stop him from interacting with girls.

But letting this kind of thing be known by others was not good, especially by the youngster. He was a person in the rebellious phase of his adolescence; he should be unwilling to be managed by others.

With this in mind, Qin Mo turned his body to take a look at Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu took the bottle of mineral water and drank some. Her white neck and smooth chin were so beautiful that they were beyond expression.

Seemingly noticing Qin Mo’s gaze, the youngster turned his head. With one or two strands of cropped silver hair falling into his face, he winked his left eye at him with a light smile.

Qin Mo dragged the boy back to the seat and thought again that his method was correct. This fellow would only be acceptable when he had absolutely no one to flirt with.

Director Quan was very fast. He hung up and immediately called the physics teacher of the lower class. The first thing he asked was, “Is there any boy whose family name is Qin among your students?”

Director Quan’s words puzzled the physics teacher. “There is a boy whose family name is Qin. ”

“What does he look like? How about his living conditions?” If he were Young Master Qin’s relative, even if he was just a distant relative, his living conditions should not be bad.

The physics teacher shook his head. “A very normal student. He’s a little fat and his family sells breakfast foods.”

“Then he is not… If it is not because of a distant relative, then what is it? Because of… girls? ” Director Quan suddenly seemed to think of something and seriously warned the physics teacher, “Concerning the seating arrangements later, boys should sit together and girls should sit together.” Young Master Qin’s girlfriend must be in the class, which is why Young Master Qin went out of his way to call him.

The physics teacher paused. “Director, the day before yesterday you said our school was civilized, so we should not be so conservative. Boys and girls sitting together can stimulate the boys’ learning passion. Didn’t you say that?”