Chapter 1280 - Untitled

Chapter 1280 Untitled

The breakfast was unexpectedly generous with fresh bread, fruits, and milk although their current condition didn’t really allow for a European style breakfast.

Bo Jiu held onto the milk and watched the Almighty as he sat in front of her.

The sun rays showered both of them in light. One of them stood while the other sat. They fed each other, with sweetness filling the air. It was a simple life, probably because no one recognized them here. Hence, there wasn’t a need to disguise themselves and thus they were in their natural state.

Qin Mo sat half naked in a casual posture but because his legs were so long, he looked extremely handsome with a dignified aura emitting from him. Just the sight of him was indulgent enough. He tore the bread and spread some jam for her.

Bo Jiu ate obediently. Thereafter, he would try the food. Bo Jiu had no idea she was his guinea pig. She took large bites of the bread, her mouth puffed up from the bread. Eating made her the happiest.

Qin Mo realized she enjoyed everything she fed her. Even Qin Mo himself hadn’t realized he was smiling.

Qin Mo didn’t have a good appetite but surprisingly ate a lot. He found another merit of his toy: She gave him a good appetite.

Just like that, they quickly finished breakfast. Once Bo Jiu had finished her milk, she casually reached for the hairdryer and reached out to stop the Almighty from standing.

Qin Mo arched a brow but before he could say a word, he felt heat on the crown of his head along with her fingers tousling his hair. He knew instantly what she was up to. In his half-seated position, his gaze fell right onto her wide and loose fitted woolen shirt.

It was more obvious after she showered, the smell streaming with the breeze. Was it perhaps the sun rays or the suitable strength?

He didn’t push her away, a glint in her eyes.

She had a mischievous look on her face since it wasn’t common for the Almighty to be so obedient.

Qin Mo wasn’t used to someone tousling his hair. He thus frowned and tilted his head.

“Don’t hide.” Bo Jiu pressed his head back in place and broke into a smile. “You used to love it when I blew dry your hair and would allow me to do it every time after you showered.”

His gaze deepened. He clearly wasn’t happy but wasn’t angry neither. However, he didn’t like it when she talked about past events as it seemed to diminish his presence.

Next, he moved and reached out for her hand, kissing her fingertips. The intimacy seemed so casual. “Sugar Daddy sure is capable.” Qin Mo stood up and grabbed the hairdryer, tossing it into the bathroom, completely unbothered if he had broken it.

Bo Jiu noticed the coldness in his eyes but there didn’t seem to be any noticeable issue. Instead, he reached out and hugged her. “It’s late, don’t waste time on such trivial matters. I’m curious of the person I was before, perhaps going somewhere familiar would jolt my memory. I’m rather interested in Jiang City.”

Or rather, he was curious about the way they used to interact…

Qin Mo’s eyes turned red, carrying a hint of danger. The danger wasn’t obvious as it was hidden deep in his eyes.