Chapter 1282 - Untitled

Chapter 1282 Untitled

Had you experienced such a feeling where your throat tightened but it wasn’t because of sadness but rather because you were touched?

Regardless of whether it was an ordinary person or a member of the esports industry, they would have the same reaction from the video.

Lin Feng was wearing a sweater, standing in front of a specialty store as he watched the video on the big screen. He squeezed the cup of coffee he was about to finish.

“If Little Spade knew how many people were waiting for her return, would she come back?”

Yun Hu was standing behind him, both hands in the pocket of his trench coat as he glanced over.

Lin Feng frowned and muttered, “Where did she go? She is completely uncontactable.”

Compared to Lin Feng, Yun Hu was shrewder. He had always known that the youngster wasn’t someone simple. Thus, there had to be a reason she is uncontactable.

“It’s 5pm, any later and the supermarket will be packed.”

Correct, the both of them were out grocery shopping. Lin Feng wasn’t sure who was his mother’s biological son as ever since Yun Hu was back, she had made all sorts of soups for him and claimed that it was nourishment for the competition.

This had gone on for three days. Every day she would task him with the job of buying bones for the soup. He was an esports Almighty, but now he had grown into an expert meat grabber.

Today, however, his mom didn’t go too far. Since Yun Hu drove him over, they could get a new pot. At the beginning, Lin Feng had been rather pleased but once they had been out, he no longer had the same thought. It felt awkward for the both of them to be grocery shopping, especially since they were buying fruits and vegetables and were in an area that guys didn’t usually frequent.

Yun Hu wasn’t the least bit bothered. He pushed the shopping cart and walked ahead of him, his long legs framed by a khaki trench coat, making him seem softer than usual.

As Lin Feng was afraid of being recognized and for another CP photo to be posted online, he wore a black mask. The mask was huge but didn’t help to reduce his presence. With their physique and aura, they didn’t have to show their faces to cause a stir.

They walked along the produce section, looking extremely striking. What were two hunks doing in that section? Several girls couldn’t help turning over towards them.

Lin Feng still had his idol image to care about and he hurriedly went forward to rush Yun Hu. “Hurry.”

“Alright.” Even though he agreed, his actions remained slow and leisurely. He walked to Lin Feng’s side, his body leaning in slightly. “Do you want potatoes?”

“Mmh, mmh.” Lin Feng nodded, his eyes wandering about. He didn’t care about the food. He was ready to leave once they were done.

Yun Hu glanced at him, then over to the girls not far away, pushing the bag of potatoes towards Lin Feng’s face. “Weigh it.”

“Ah? Oh, weigh, weigh.” Lin Feng had never been so guilty before since it was such a sensitive topic.

Yun Hu watched him, his gaze deepening. When he was back, he lowered his head and asked, “Do you want oranges?”

Lin Feng noticed that their hushed conversation seemed too intimate and was starting to feel uncomfortable from the breath that splashed onto his face. He turned to the left. “Buy whatever you want.”

“Pick a few.” Yun Hu pretended to ignore his aversion, remaining calm.

Even Lin Feng found it weird. From his impression, Yun Hu had never been the sort to go grocery shopping. He seemed to have changed since the overseas trip…