Chapter 1283 - Untitled

Chapter 1283 Untitled

Yun Hu had indeed changed.

In the past, he had worried about whether to turn him gay. But after he had left and after he had cried, Yun Hu had completely thrown his worries away. Rather than contemplating whether or not to turn him gay, he decided to think about how to turn him gay.

Yun Hu glanced over to the masked man beside him. Since they were already at this junction, it wasn’t possible to go back to being brothers. Hence, it would be better to take the initiative.

Lin Feng, who was clueless of Yun Hu’s plans, glanced down at the shopping cart. “We’re about done, shall we go?”

“Let’s look at some snacks.” Yun Hu pushed the cart, their direction completely in his hands.

Lin Feng glanced over at the girls once more. “But you don’t snack.”

“My taste changed recently,” Yun Hu replied casually. “What’s your favorite chips brand? What flavor is nice?”

The next time Lin Feng turned, Yun Hu was holding on to the snacks he always ate. “Barbeque.”

Since they were already here, he might as well take a few more. Lin Feng reached over when he heard the obvious phone camera sound. It was the two girls from before.

Lin Feng froze, mainly because of his posture. Yun Hu stood beside the snack racks and his hands were stretched out behind him, looking as though he wanted to press him to the corner. It was going to cause a misunderstanding.

Lin Feng turned, prepared to chase after them to delete the photo but Yun Hu held on to his wrist, his tone calm. “Do you want everyone here to know who you are? They were probably just taking a random shot, not knowing who we are.”

Lin Feng turned towards them. The two girls didn’t come forward to ask for their autograph or continue to snap photos. Thus, it seemed like an innocent photo.

The girls realized that their actions probably weren’t very polite, especially when the pretty boy in a mask turned to look at them. In the end, they decided to apologize. “I’m sorry, the both of you looked very loving so we decided to take a photo.” The girl took out her photo. “I will delete it right now.”

Lin Feng: … Loving? Loving?

Yun Hu held the cart with one hand and tugged onto Lin Feng with another, his lips curving into a smile. “It’s alright.”

“Ah, I was right! It’s rare to see two guys out grocery shopping together, it seems like only couples would do that.” The girl smiled happily.

Lin Feng was speechless.

Yun Hu, on the other hand, seemed to be telling them something because the two girls glanced over at Lin Feng, who was wearing his mask with no intention of speaking. They laughed. “Indeed, a shy bottom.”

Lin Feng wanted to remove his mask. Shy bottom? Him?

Yun Hu seemed to see through his thoughts. He lowered his voice. “Be careful of fans.”

Lin Feng swallowed his curses until the girls had left. He knew they weren’t to blame and that his mom was the biggest culprit. Didn’t she know it was awkward for two guys to go grocery shopping together? Besides, why did they have to buy so much?

Even until this moment, Yun Hu still had no intention of leaving though.

Wait a minute, this… “Oh…”