Chapter 1284 - Untitled

Chapter 1284 Untitled

“Want to try these noodles?” Yun Hu asked lightly.

Lin Feng was confused. Yun Hu removed his mask just to let him try the sample noodles? What if someone saw him?

Moreover, the sales lady was looking at them with a meaningful smile. She had probably never seen two guys behaving so intimately before.

Lin Feng swallowed the noodles hurriedly before replying casually, “It’s pretty good.”

“Let’s get a few, we can have them for supper in the clubhouse.” Yun Hu moved so naturally that Lin Feng couldn’t find anything amiss.

His face was still flushed though. The heat made him want to leave. “We’re done, let’s go.” If they stayed any longer, everyone there would be convinced they were a couple.

Yun Hu had a boyfriend after all. Even though Lin Feng hadn’t seen his phone vibrating the past two days but this was probably because the training was too tedious, with little time for them to contact. If they were recognized, however, and the public started to speculate, Yun Hu’s boyfriend might misunderstand.

Lin Feng kept thinking about it and decided it wasn’t appropriate for them to stay any longer.

Yun Hu, on the other hand, had other thoughts. Since it wasn’t easy for them to have private time together, it was best to take as long as possible. But he also knew not to force him too much.

“We are left with the ice cream. Didn’t you say you wanted ice cream?” Yun Hu’s reasoning was legitimate.

Lin Feng took a second to think as it would be awkward if his reactions were too over the top. Besides, they could always leave after taking the ice cream.

But the moment he opened the fridge and was picking the flavors, Yun Hu leaned forward, bypassing him to choose one. “Is this a new product?”

Lin Feng replied frantically, his mind in a daze, trying to avoid touching him. He was a grown man, how could he be so repressed?

“What flavors are there?” Yun Hu asked.

Lin Feng tried to make himself look manly. “Strawberry and peach.”

“Oh, that sounds good.” Yun Hu fiddled through the selections and placed a peach-flavored ice cream into the cart.

He glanced down and could see the flush creeping up Lin Feng’s fair neck. It was alluring. Yun Hu stiffened, his gaze turning dark.

On the other end, the innocent Lin Feng felt like his brother was deliberately delaying. But if he thought about it, there wasn’t any incentive to do it for ice cream. After rejecting the thought, he watched as Yun Hu went to another fridge to get the yoghurt. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Turning back, he took all his favorite ice cream and placed it into the cart.

“Are you done?” Yun Hu walked over and took a glance at Lin Feng. As expected, he couldn’t be forced too tightly.

Lin Feng nodded.

“I’ll go queue.”


They could finally leave. Next time, it would be better if he went grocery shopping alone.

With that thought in mind, he decided to wait for Yun Hu somewhere near the cashier. But he ended up in the most awkward location.

Those who visited the supermarket often would be aware of the layout. Condoms would usually be placed near the cashier, with beautiful packaging consisting of every color, some of which had candy or chocolate flavor.

Lin Feng hadn’t realized it immediately though. It took him a moment before he realized what they were.