Chapter 1285 - Untitled

Chapter 1285 Untitled

Lin Feng originally intended to leave calmly. After all, there wasn’t anything wrong with disregarding them, he could just treat those as chewing gum. Before he could retract his gaze, however, an elbow appeared on his shoulder.

It was Yun Hu. It was normal for guys to hook their shoulders around each other. “I didn’t bring my wallet.” It was his first sentence. The second sentence came along with his fallen gaze and this time, Lin Feng knew he was going to be embarrassed. “So, this is what you are looking at.”

Lin Feng wanted to push it off as a coincidence but before he could say anything, Yun Hu’s voice brushed past his ears, his breath splashing across. “Have you decided on the brand?”

“Wh-what brand?” He didn’t have any experience and, hence, wouldn’t know about the brands.

Yun Hu arched his brows. “The condom brand, of course. Which do you like?”

Lin Feng coughed. He couldn’t just admit he was a newbie since it was considered taboo for guys. Hence, he tried to keep up his pretense, acting nonchalant. “The brand doesn’t matter. The quality is more important since I need a while.”

Yun Hu glanced over at him with a meaningful gaze.

Lin Feng felt frustrated. “What’s with that look?”

“Nothing.” Yun Hu chuckled, tilting his head to the side. “I never knew your duration is considered a while.”

Lin Feng watched the approaching face, an exasperated look on his flushed face. That was the good thing about brothers, they knew everything about each other.

“Get this.” Yun Hu pulled the topic back naturally. “It’s a good brand and there are many flavors to choose from. Don’t you like strawberries? They have this flavor as well.” Yun Hu reached out, his fingers grabbing three of the exquisite packaging, tossing it into the cart.

Wait a minute, when had he said he wanted those?! And was there a need to buy so many?

Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open. But due to Yun Hu’s reasonable tone, it was hard to refuse since he was the one that was standing there.

Lin Feng sensed something amiss. When he glanced up, he realized there were several girls sneaking glances at them, with hands covering their mouths and obvious excitement. He could vaguely hear their conversation. “They don’t just grocery shop together, they even buy condoms together. Perhaps they are cohabiting. Did you hear them, the dominant one said the submissive likes strawberry flavor, strawberry. Strawberry! Oh, proud indeed!”

Lin Feng: “…”

He finally understood what was wrong. Why was he standing here with Yun Hu for such a long time discussing the flavor of such things?

It wasn’t just those girls. If he saw two guys buying condoms together, he would think in that direction as well. There was no getting out of this. But since he already took it, they couldn’t just put it back. Forget it, they should just hurry and settle the bill. After all, they could leave once they were done. Fortunately, they were wearing masks because if there were photos posted online, it would definitely bring another storm.

Since Yun Hu didn’t bring his wallet, Lin Feng joined the queue and made the payment. When the cashier scanned the items, Lin Feng’s gaze wandered around.

Yun Hu stood beside him, taking his expression to mind. His gaze turned deep…