Chapter 1286 - Untitled

Chapter 1286 Untitled

Judging from his expression, he didn't look like someone with experience.

Yun Hu could still remember how he had felt when he had stayed overnight with the girl that had given him a love letter.

Back then, he hadn't had his driver's license and had asked his driver to drive around in search of Lin Feng. In the end, he hadn't managed to find him.

That became the day he regretted the most. No one knew how heartbroken he had been. Back then, he hadn't understood the pain and anxiety.

That day, he had stayed up the entire night.

The next morning, he had carried his bag and gone for class. That was when he had seen Lin Feng chatting happily. Someone had asked what he had done with the class beauty from the other class.

Lin Feng then had grabbed a book and tossed it over, feigning anger. "Don't ask anymore, I have a temper too." He had blushed when he had said that.

That day, Yun Hu hadn't spoken to Lin Feng because he had been afraid of exposing himself. But Lin Feng had kept talking in front of him, saying how different girls and guys were and how girls were like cotton, extremely soft.

That was one of the rare moments they had had a cold war. Yun Hu hadn't wished to hear the description of that night after all. Hence, he hadn't spoken to him the entire month. Similarly, he had started to understand the meaning of jealousy.

Because of jealousy, Yun Hu couldn't help but look at that girl – until the day she had bashfully asked him out on a coffee date. Yun Hu had agreed with a faint smile. Yes, he had wanted Lin Feng to know that some people weren't worth his efforts.

Very quickly, however, he had been punched by Lin Feng, the impact so significant he still questioned his motives until this day. It had probably been because of jealousy, because the girl had had him for a night. It was one thing Yun Hu couldn't have – even though they were so close.

Now, judging from his personality, perhaps nothing had happened that night. If he was as experienced as he claimed, how could his expression be explained?

Yun Hu glanced over at Lin Feng, watching as he very uncomfortably placed the three boxes into a plastic bag. He wore a thick black sweater but was much more handsome than the others, with a faint casualness to him. But Yun Hu knew Lin Feng well enough to know that he had no experience at all. The thought made him smile.

Lin Feng was still muttering on how he wasn't going to go grocery shopping with him again. The innocent Lin Feng had no idea his excuses had been exposed.

The car was parked underground, its dark color unassuming. But anyone familiar with car brands would know that a Cayenne wasn't a car an ordinary family could afford. Lin Feng was already used to it though since he knew the status of the Yun family.

Yun Hu glanced over and sent a voice message to Lin Feng's mother. "Mmh, we are finished going grocery shopping and are heading back but there will probably be a traffic jam at this hour." After he was done reporting, Yun Hu placed his phone at the side. He glanced over at Lin Feng before leaning over.

Lin Feng was still holding something. "What are you doing?"

"Fasten your seatbelt," Yun Hu explained naturally.

Lin Feng was extremely uncomfortable since Yun Hu was too close for comfort. "I can do it myself."

Yun Hu didn't insist, retracting his hands before asking casually, "Who do you need to use those with? You don't have a girlfriend now."

Lin Feng choked before coughing twice. "Who said I don't have one?"

"Why? Are you going to pretend to have one?" Yun Hu held onto the steering wheel with one hand and smiled. "Before we came out, you told Auntie Lin you were going to focus on preparing for the competition and weren't going to consider personal matters. Have you forgotten about that?"

Lin Feng knew he couldn't just brush it off. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette, acting like a rouge. "Can't I keep it as spare?"

"Of course, you can." Yun Hu lit a cigarette while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, his gaze dark and deep. "It'll be convenient."

Convenient? What would it be convenient for? Lin Feng was thoroughly confused. There seemed to be a hidden meaning in Yun Hu's words.

"I don't have to buy it." Yun Hu blew out smoke, close to him.

Lin Feng completely misunderstood his words, his thoughts directed to his boyfriend. "You can take it if you need it now."

Yun Hu glanced at him. "Are you going to use it now?"

"No." Lin Feng flicked his cigarette. He had never expected that there would come a day he would be asking him for such things.

Yun Hu replied leisurely, "Then I won't need it now."

"Mmh." Lin Feng didn't know what else to say. Even if he was going to do something with his boyfriend, it was best if he was kept in the dark. He couldn't help the tightness in his chest. Perhaps smoking would make it better. At least that was what Lin Feng thought.

Yun Hu noticed that he hadn't understood his meaning but it didn't matter. After the competition, they would have a good talk.

There was indeed a traffic jam. When they finally reached home, Lin Feng was back to his usual behavior as a young master, placing the plastic bags on the coach. "I'm exhausted. Mom, can't you go next time?"

"No." Mother Lin was born beautiful. "Have you seen a beauty go grocery shopping before? I just did my nails. What if I ruin them? Look at Yun Hu and look at yourself, both of you went to go grocery shopping but I don't see him complaining."

Lin Feng: … Geez, he was definitely not her biological son.

"Let me see what you got." Mother Lin rummaged through the bags.

As Lin Feng bolted upright, pulling a bag aside, Mother Lin watched him suspiciously. "Son?

"Cough." Lin Feng cleared his throat. "Yun Hu mentioned that his throat hurts, you should make him some pear soup now and look through the bags later." If she found those things, he would be dead!

"You rascal actually care about others," Mother Lin praised him before heading to make some pear soup.

Lin Feng sighed, hurriedly retrieving the three boxes and stuffing them into his pockets.

Yun Hu watched this with a satisfied smile as though it wasn't a big deal. Indeed, Lin Feng didn't have experience.

Yun Hu, on the other hand, had a boyfriend. At least that was what Lin Feng thought. Thus, he felt uncomfortable with the boxes in his pocket and wanted to throw them away. He went up to his room. Someone followed behind him.

The door was pushed open before he could retract his hands, which meant Yun Hu had seen everything. But there wasn't anything to hide anyways.

Lin Feng stuffed his hands into his pants pocket, looking straight into Yun Hu's eyes. It was emotionless, deep and cold with a faint gleam, seeming somewhat hurt.

"Why did you throw it?"