Chapter 1287 - Untitled

Chapter 1287 Untitled

“Ah?” Lin Feng grabbed a wad of hair. “I won’t be using it and it would be awkward if my mom saw it.”

Yun Hu glanced at his face. “Didn’t I tell you to keep it?”

Lin Feng could no longer hold it in. “You can buy it when you use it with your boyfriend, why do you need me to keep it?”

Yun Hu looked at him. “What boyfriend?”

“Are you trying to infuriate me?” Lin Feng reached for his collar. “You’re asking me what boyfriend? Don’t tell me you are like those people online, playing guys as you go?”

Yun Hu arched a brow before he flipped his arm and pressed Lin Feng against the wall. “If I’m such a casual person, would I have waited for you for such a long time?”

Lin Feng felt his face heating up. “We can talk, you don’t have to come so close.” F*ck! He really was at a loss for words.

Yun Hu came closer, a warm smile on his face. “Are you being shy?”

“F*ck you!” Lin Feng inhaled deeply. “Let go of me first.”

Yun Hu leaned forward. “I’m not letting go.”

F*ck!” Lin Feng was going crazy but Yun Hu seemed to enjoy this situation and especially the increasing redness on his face. It made his heart itch as though a cat was toying with it inside his body. “You…”

Just as he was about to talk about his ‘boyfriend’, Lin Feng seemed to have found a savior and pushed him. “Stand up, someone’s calling.”

Indeed, there was an incoming call. From Yun Hu’s position, he could feel the phone’s vibration. Without a choice, he would have to let him off for now.

Lin Feng was relieved at the timely arrival of the call. He reached out and grabbed his phone. When he saw the caller ID, his entire mood shifted, and he immediately picked up the call. “F*ck! Little Spade! Where exactly are you? Let me tell you, don’t try to find excuses to hang up!”

Far away in the no man’s land, Bo Jiu smiled at his invigorating tone. “Senior Lin, you are as spirited as ever. I don’t intend to hang up, I have something to tell you. Tomorrow, I’ll be flying over to Jiang City with Brother Mo and will need a cover.”

“You are with Captain?” Lin Feng asked, obvious joy in his tone.

Bo Jiu heard it as well. She thought for a moment and decided not to tell him about the Almighty’s amnesia since there were people investigating. “Let’s talk when we meet. I have a car and need a domestic takeover. Help me to be a guarantor. The rest can wait till we meet.”

“Car? Sure.” The good thing about naive people was that they wouldn’t question much.

Bo Jiu hung up, looking straight at Qin Mo. He had finished his shower, his body covered with the refreshing smell of peppermint. He stood by the door and must have heard the contents of her conversation, his eyes deep.

Bo Jiu stood up, walking over. “I called a mutual friend.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo laughed with his emotions concealed. But strangely, Bo Jiu could sense his distrust or more precisely, his lack of interest…