Chapter 1288 - MoJiu

Chapter 1288 MoJiu

Bo Jiu's intuition was right, Qin Mo wasn't interested in anyone else other than his prey – especially when he realized she had a friend. His prey should only be looking at him, so how could she have a friend?

Qin Mo laughed without any warmth but he didn't let it show. After all, he hadn't forgotten his persona, he was supposed to be gentle at all times.

"Are we heading down?" Qin Mo grabbed a trench coat.

Bo Jiu watched his tall and firm back view, uncertain of his thoughts. She understood that someone with amnesia would feel distant towards others but the Almighty was different. He seemed to believe everything she said…

They didn't carry any luggage and in the no man's land, they wouldn't need to show their identification for lodging, making leaving a breeze.

After a night's rest, the Almighty was fully healed and was completely unlike someone who had a fever the day before. Bo Jiu was the same but it wasn't because of her immune system. Rather, it was because of the Almighty's actions. Whatever he did was enough to make anyone sweat away a fever.

"Boss, do you have fuel?" Bo Jiu had decided to give Little Blackie more fuel before they left.

The moment the boss saw them, his expression changed, turning into an obliging slave. "Fuel? I have a car with a fuel tank, Sir. If you need help, I can get some for you."

The innkeeper made sure to put on a pleasing smile while passing the Almighty.

Bo Jiu arched her brow. Last night when she had checked in, the innkeeper hadn't been so pleasant. What was with the drastic change? He seemed to be afraid of the Almighty. No, he seemed to be terrified.

"Brother Mo, did you come down yesterday?" That was Bo Jiu's first reaction.

Qin Mo didn't deny it, a breezy smile on his face. "I greeted him while getting some alcohol."

Bo Jiu suspected it was more than just a greeting.

"Seems like Sugar Daddy doesn't trust me," Qin Mo remarked leisurely. "I thought you would believe everything I saw. Aren't you my lover?"

Bo Jiu could never allow the Almighty to say such things – even if he wasn't being serious. Hence, she started to reflect on her behavior. "Of course, I believe you."

"Mmh." Qin Mo glanced down.

Bo Jiu looked over and couldn't help it, leaning in to give him a kiss. "I believe everything you say."

Qin Mo laughed. "The boss wasn't very kind so I taught him how to behave."

"You did well."

The innkeeper came over with the fuel. When he heard the youngster's words, he was terrified, wishing for them to leave. Did you even know the impact he caused? And yet, you were treating him as a porcelain doll!

The innkeeper was infuriated but didn't dare to show it because Qin Mo glanced over emotionlessly. This alone was enough to send him trembling. Was the youngster really clueless or just acting dumb? How could she have such a man at her side…

He was well versed with such people. They looked gentle on the outside like a faithful butler but just the slightest mistake would actually cause them to bite back like the demon deacon, using the most elegant movements to suck them dry. It all depended on how long his interest would last…