Chapter 1289 - Untitled

Chapter 1289 Untitled

The innkeeper deeply admired the youngster's generosity since he had experienced how terrifying Qin Mo could be. However, he seemed like a totally different person in front of the youngster, completely without the murderous aura from the night before, acting innocent.

Qin Mo was satisfied with the effect of his gaze. He didn't wish for outsiders to speak excessively in front of his prey. After all, he had no intention of breaking the disguise since the youngster's reaction was rather interesting. With the slightest signs of weakness, she would treasure him in her palms, coaxing him with kisses. It was a novel feeling.

Moreover, his prey wasn't dumb. It wouldn't be interesting if she innocently saw him as a good person. Judging from her expression, it was clear she had guessed what he had done but instead, she had sided with him, complimenting his actions, which made him smile.

Qin Mo was still smiling even after he entered the car. A shock ran through Little Blackie, however, when the smart system started up. What was wrong with the devil that he was smiling so sweetly?

Qin Mo seemed to have detected the Lamborghini's change. He tilted his head. "This car isn't bad. Besides underwater and ground mode, what else can it turn into?"

"That's it for its form but it can also be used as a network hub for connection." Bo Jiu seemed to be in a good mood since having the Almighty behave so obediently beside her was a satisfying feeling.

Little Blackie wasn't feeling that great though. But its Master… Aish, Little Blackie didn't wish to continue. Ever since the appearance of the devil, it had lost its status as the most pampered car.

Qin Mo had other plans but none of them was as interesting as his prey. Hence, he didn't continue asking.

Bo Jiu waited half a second before she swerved, turning skillfully. A slight smile was on her face. "Oh, right, the password for the car is: Qin Mo, I like you."

Qin Mo had known about his name early on. He stopped playing with his poker cards. "Seems to match up to Sugar Daddy's personality."

"I agree." Bo Jiu turned the steering wheel. "Love has to be expressed."

Qin Mo remained silent, his smile thickening like a devil and even his eyes were crinkled. Pssh, she really was an idiot, telling him everything. Wasn't she worried he would drive off with the car?

Qin Mo glanced at her. The sun rays entering were casting a glow that seemed to seep through her skin, which was fair and clean. Her pores were so tiny they could barely be seen. He knew exactly what it felt like. It wasn't just her face; he was familiar with her body and the curves of her waist; with a jade like touch that was difficult to hate.

As long as his prey could maintain such a behavior and her eyes were fixed on him, he wouldn't lose interest in her anytime soon. But having to suppress his nature was starting to bother him…