Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Spends the Night Together

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Director Quan thought, That was then!

He didn’t know that Qin Mo’s girlfriend was among these girls.

Otherwise, he would not have said that even if he were beaten to death!

But addressing subordinates still required the most basic of manners.

“Mr. Zhang, separating boys and girls is not an old-fashioned idea,” Director Quan said as he recalled Young Master Qin’s words: “It’s true that boys and girls sitting together can promote the learning passion of boys , but it can also cause the development of incorrect feelings between them, so to prevent puppy love, we should take action, starting from the seating arrangements.”

The physics teacher: “…”

“Well, that’s it. You just take my words for what they are,” Director Quan said seriously, “How far have you gone with your physics lessons? What are the main points? Send a copy of them to my email…”

When Qin Mo saw the material, he just glanced over it and circled the items that were likely to appear in the exam one by one. The amazing thing was that he extrapolated four questions from the big questions that his slim fingers were touching. “One question among these four will pop out in your monthly exam. If you can’t work them out, just remember the answers. Your memory must be good.”

“It’s not bad.” With a lollipop in her mouth, the youngster smiled calmly. Actually, every hacker had a good memory, especially for data.

If Lord Jiu had any affinity with physics, she wouldn’t be miserable to need a god to conduct make-up lessons for her.

However, this man was really excellent. He could surmise the test questions among all these long problems. Choosing the answers was easy for multiple-choice questions, so passing the exam shouldn’t be a problem.

As soon as Fu Jiu thought about this, she felt delighted and flashed her cute white canines. “Brother Mo, now that my grades are under control, aren’t we supposed to finish studying now?”

“You have control over your grades?” Qin Mo raised his fine eyebrows.

Fu Jiu pointed at the paper. “Look here, here, and here. Adding up all these points, they’re enough for me to pass the exam.”

“The student that I, Qin Mo, am teaching can do more than just scrape by the exam.” The man’s voice sounded indifferent with a natural sense of nobility.

Fu Jiu: “…”

Why did she have an inkling that letting this god teach her physics was a trap?

The expectations that good students wanted to meet were different from the expectations of academic trash.

She just wanted to pass the exam! She never aspired to be a physics enthusiast!

But she had no choice. After all, she needed this god to surmise the questions.

Thinking it over, she still found them helpful.

She would rather memorize the questions than be tortured by all kinds of formulas.

Considering that, Fu Jiu again bit the pen and started studying hard!

At about half past ten, she scratched the back of her head and frowned. It was already late.

“Brother Mo, can we stop here now?”

Qin Mo was still in the middle of a video conference, and he calmly stopped. He turned his head and looked at the youngster, who had a head of fluffy silver hair, with his deep eyes. “Sure.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu stretched her waist lazily with an evil smile. She packed up her stuff, preparing to leave.

Getting a taxi at half past ten should not be that difficult…

To her surprise, before she strode forward, she heard a man’s unique magnetic voice near to her. Qin Mo made a call through the intercom with his profile still as cold and beautiful as ever. “Aunt Zhang, take a pair of new pajamas upstairs for Fu Jiu.”