Chapter 1290 - Untitled

Chapter 1290 Untitled

It didn't matter though because with such an entertaining prey with him, he could temporarily delay killing – at least until he couldn't suppress it any longer. Regardless, he had to make sure his hands were clean. He needed to remain in a harmless state in front of his prey.

Qin Mo tilted his head, looking striking with his trench coat on. He was practically a walking hanger and with that face, they probably wouldn't be able to make it past the customs without adjustments.

Fortunately, Bo Jiu prepared multiple identification documents. She had found one that was around the Almighty's age and had made slight amendments to his appearance to lower his presence.

The more confidential the mission was, the lower was the possibility of a large-scale search. As long as the person on the identification document was free of charges with a valid identification card, they would be able to enter the Chinese borders. That was the reason she decided to enter from Country T since it was a major tourism hub and allowed Chinese to enter without a visa.

Bo Jiu didn't take a direct flight. Instead, she signed up for a tour group before arriving in MG airport, entering Jiang City as a tourist.

She signed up for a low-quality tour package. The girls that followed along didn't detect anything, spending their time shopping. When they saw the two hunks in the airport, their mood instantly lifted.

"Look over there."

"Pretty boy! I never knew our tour group would have such qualities."

"They must have just arrived. Perhaps we might end up seating together."

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo's arrival visibly lifted the atmosphere of the tour group. Some of them were looking over at them and the girls were guessing their relationship, wondering if they could split the both of them.

Qin Mo smiled in silence. He wasn't interested in anyone else. He was simply standing beside Bo Jiu while looking innocent and alluring.

Bo Jiu had to transport the car and hadn't bothered about the others, heading straight for the first floor to submit the information.

Grandfather Butler had always been in charge of exporting the car overseas.

Perhaps many might think Grandfather Butler is an ordinary family doctor but that wasn't the case. Of course, the butler of the Hacker Family couldn't be anyone simple.

There were many channels in the hands of the old butler and each of these channels' value couldn't be calculated easily. Of course, at the end of the day, people would give concessions to the codename Z.

There weren't many who dared to offend the Young Lord of the Hacker World and, hence, would allow her any concession when possible. After all, there would always be a day they would require information.

Qin Mo watched everything, uncertainty entering his gaze. The more complex her background, the more benefits he could rake.

"Brother Mo, do you want water?" After Bo Jiu was done with her matters, she started to feel thirsty.

Qin Mo watched as she licked her lips, his eyes turning dark. "Yes, I'm thirsty."

"I'll go buy some drinks." Bo Jiu stuffed her hands into her pants pocket as she walked towards a vending machine, her actions casual and leisurely and her long legs suave and handsome.

The girls waiting at the side heard their conversation and took the chance to hit on Qin Mo. "Hey, I have a new bottle here, you can have one if you're thirsty."

Qin Mo swept her a glance and was planning to turn her into a follower. He had mentioned it before that sometimes, he felt tempted…