Chapter 1291 - He is My Boyfriend

Chapter 1291 He is My Boyfriend

It wasn’t hard to hypnotize someone. As long as their thoughts were clear, it was a simple task. But Qin Mo didn’t wish to take the bottle of water because these people were dirty compared to his prey. Perhaps his appetite had been raised.Qin Mo arched a brow. He was just about to retract his arm when someone appeared by his side.The youngster’s pleasant smell blew over and with a smile, she replied, “I’m sorry, my boyfriend doesn’t like drinking things from other people.”

Qin Mo didn’t have to turn to know who had spoken. It was the prey he was interested in and his current Sugar Daddy since no one else would make such a claim.

Qin Mo glanced over, looking straight at her beautiful face. She pouted her lips in his direction, seemingly blaming him for causing trouble. Was she jealous?

Although Qin Mo found it strange, he punched her chin upwards and kissed her. She just had a drink but her mouth was filled with sweetness.

“You secretly ate candy?” Qin Mo asked casually, with no intention of pushing her away. Instead, he smiled. “My Sugar Daddy sure is mischievous.”

Bo Jiu was caught off guard. The two girls heard the way the Almighty had addressed her but she was too lazy to move since establishing her authority had to be done in a straightforward manner.

The girl that had tried to hit on Qin Mo was pretty, which was the reason behind her boldness. She hadn’t expected to be embarrassed. She had heard their conversation from before and had assumed they were siblings, without thinking much into it. But now, it seemed obvious since the two guys were going on a holiday together.

As the girl flushed and retracted her outstretched arm, Bo Jiu smiled. In that instant, the girl’s face flushed a deeper shade of red. Compared to the unapproachable man, the youngster seemed more considerate.

Qin Mo noticed it as well. His gaze deepened and darkened as he looked at the girl.

The girl shuddered, it felt as though the man was out for her life. How could he give off such a feeling with a smile on his face?

Qin Mo didn’t spare her another look, turning to hug the youngster and placing her on his lap. There wasn’t anyone else sitting in such a position.

She wasn’t directly in his arms though. Instead, Qin Mo was seated on a chair and Bo Jiu was like a big soft toy placed atop in the same position with the bulk of her weight on the front portion of his legs. This could only be done by someone with legs as long as the Almighty.

The onlookers watched with wide eyes. They could act openly overseas but shouldn’t continue once they entered the country.

Bo Jiu also felt like they were attracting too much attention. But the Almighty didn’t move an inch, instead, he circled his arms around her waist and leaned his chin on her shoulders with his eyes shut, his lashes long and fluttery. “I’m tired.”

Just these two words were enough to stop her from moving. Bo Jiu turned over and touched his forehead, his black hair falling over her fingers like a little princess, just like when they had been younger.

Bo Jiu smiled, her heart melting into pieces as she coaxed, “We will be boarding in a while, endure a while more, mmh?”

“Alright.” Qin Mo didn’t release his grip, his handsome face buried into her shoulders, exposing his irresistible and stunning side profile.

The girls waiting at the side had never seen such a man before. When he looked at them, the malice was enough to send them trembling. But the next second, when he faced the youngster, the disguised tenderness was enough to melt anyone.

Watching the youngster how she continued to coax the man with a devil’s gaze as though he were a child, the girl could feel her heart racing. She didn’t dare to say another word, pulling her friend away. On the other hand, the other onlookers were watching with curiosity since it was strange for a man to be coaxed in such a manner.

Qin Mo was completely unbothered – as long as his prey was within control. But he realized that she wasn’t totally under his control. He wasn’t sure how she would behave in a familiar place and that included the call from before. They had a mutual friend? The ends of Qin Mo’s eyes turned upwards while his gaze was turning deep.

Very quickly, the boarding started. Since they were a tour group, the process was more relaxed. There weren’t any unexpected circumstances during the flight.

However, there was someone unnoticed and hidden amongst the crowd with an evil and unwilling glare. It was Fan Jia. After she had escaped, she had used all means to get a new identity. And when she had finally gotten everything done, he had been gone.

It hadn’t been until she had seen a footage online that she remembered that he would definitely be heading back to Jiang City because subconsciously, that was the place he was most familiar. He would head back and destroy everything he felt deserved to die. That was the real Qin Mo.

Fan Jia watched the two figures ahead and broke into a smile. The hypnosis wouldn’t go wrong and he probably wasn’t sincere in staying by her side. He most probably treated her as a prey.

Her mentor had once told her that psychologists were best at disguise, especially when they had ulterior motives.

Thus, she just had to head back to Jiang City now and find a chance to interact with Qin Mo in order to lead him in the right direction. That way, he would truly belong to her. After all, the memory would change along with one’s mind.

Fan Jia didn’t think it was wrong to take what didn’t belong to her. She lowered herself and went into hiding because there were photos of her everywhere. Fan Jia didn’t dare to meet anyone straight on. She also had deliberately made a scar on her face and gotten herself a late-night flight ticket.

The plane had been flying for two hours. Bo Jiu and Qin Mo sat side by side. They had booked the entire business class to prevent anyone from snooping and because Qin Mo had mentioned he was tired.

As an overbearing CEO, this was the perfect time to flaunt her wealth. Moreover, it was about time she spent her money. Thus, she had decided to act like a tyrant.

In the end, the man that claimed to be tired sat with legs outstretched and was reading a newspaper, looking elegant and dark.

When Bo Jiu tilted her head, her hair fell forward with her real hair color showing through.

Silver? It seemed like his sugar daddy was hiding something.

Qin Mo arched a brow, his right hands shifting so that her entire body leaned against him. He liked the feeling of her body temperature, warm but not too hot.

The stewardess walked over with the lunch cart. She lowered her voice and asked in a gentle tone, “Sir, do you want a drink?”

“No, please give me a blanket, thanks.” There wasn’t any warmth in his eyes, probably because the youngster was frowning.

“Okay.” The next time the stewardess turned, he was patting the person in his arms, his voice hushed and low. It was a tone that could easily induce hypnosis.

The stewardess fell into a momentary daze and shook her head. She almost forgot her task.

Qin Mo was looking at Bo Jiu. He reached out and pinched her face, his body pushed low. “You better not look at anyone else, my little prey.”

Bo Jiu fell into a deep sleep; probably because the shirt and smell was too familiar, putting her at ease.

She only woke up when they were about to land, her gaze landing on his left hand. His defined bones were clearly visible as he toyed with the poker card in his hand. His other hand was on her head, caressing her hair.

When she woke up, he smiled, planting a kiss on her forehead that seemed to radiate an indescribable danger.

“Is this Jiang City?”

Bo Jiu followed his gaze out the window, holding his palms in her hand and fiddling it. “Mmh, this is Jiang City. You don’t like it?”

“I don’t dislike it.” The daze in his eyes dissipated when he felt the warmth on his fingers. “I just can’t remember how I lived here in the past.”

Bo Jiu chuckled. “You are famous here, there are many people who like you and there is a group of brothers that are loyal towards you – but you love me the most.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. From certain angles, the prey he had set his eyes on was shameless. “Oh, what else?”

What else? Bo Jiu took a moment before adding, “You had a crush on me but were too embarrassed to confess and had gifted me many books for me to figure out myself.”

“What books did I give you?” Qin Mo asked leisurely.

Bo Jiu straightened suavely. “Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me, Where Did the Sweetheart Escape and others I can’t remember.”

Qin Mo tapped her lips.

“What is it?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Qin Mo leaned over and kissed her lips lightly. “Water stains. You weren’t obedient when I fed you water. I’m curious, what did you figure out from the books?”

“Of course, it’s your first awakening of love.” Bo Jiu reached out and wrapped her hands around his neck. When she laughed, the tear mole at the corners of her eyes seemed to be glowing.

Qin Mo felt his lower abdomen tighten and his eyes turned deep. With the blanket between them, his fingers trailed into her sweater. When she laughed, her body temperature seemed to increase as well.

Bo Jiu could feel his strength clearly and with a shudder, her eyes started to tear.

Qin Mo’s voice lowered, deep and sexy. His breath splashing down was prompting her into a curve, itching for more. “It’s a pity we are about to land or I would have the chance to teach you the real meaning behind those books…”