Chapter 1292 - Possession

Chapter 1292 Possession

“How to feel joy through your body.”Bo Jiu realized he was biting down on her ears. The sexy voice and heated breath splashing onto her ears were sending a numbing sensation through her. She knew he wouldn’t do much since they were about to land but such nonchalant teasing was torturous, causing her eyes to turn teary and red.He seemed to enjoy her current state, laughing deeply. “Seems to be working well.”

His original intention had been to toy with her in his palms like a toy. However, unknowingly, amidst her breathlessness, he became aroused. He released her instantly.

She chuckled, the ends of her lips lifting before she kissed him merrily. “Indeed, seems to be working well.”

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened. If it wasn’t for the timely announcement that interrupted his thoughts, his natural instinct would have unleashed and he would have pulled her over.

His pretty prey should be kept in his arms, treasured and precious. As for other things, regardless of whether it was kisses or something more, he should be the one teaching her.

Perhaps, he could start planning for it. After all, he loved the way she smiled at him as there seemed to be a faint glow in her eyes. But similarly, he didn’t like the warmth because he knew that she was looking at the past Qin Mo.

Cold air washed over him and he laughed lightly. “If we weren’t on the plan, it would be working even better.”

With that, he glanced over to her neck and planted a kiss there, biting lightly.

Bo Jiu couldn’t reach for the phone that was vibrating in her phone, her insides melting instantly. She suspected he had done it on purpose since he seemed upset every time she picked up a call. Even though there was a smile on his lips, he looked like a wealthy young master, which was very fitting for the warm image he deliberately created.

It reminded her of their childhood.

Every time she had played with other kids, he had stood at the side, smiling like a prince.

But he hadn’t been the same when the others hadn’t been able to see because then he would wash her hands with a forbidding expression and bit her fingers without any explanation.

The Almighty had always been so perplexed.

As Bo Jiu was used to it, she grabbed both his shoulders, unsure if it was painful or just itchy. She frowned lightly, her voice trembling. “Lightly.”

Qin Mo’s gaze faltered and turned deeper, exerting more strength.

“Let me answer the call.” Her voice was breathless, stray wisps of hair sticking to the sweat on her flushed face. “Even if I don’t answer it, we have to alight from the plane.”

After Qin Mo was done biting, he pushed hair from her face and broke into a warm smile. “Of course, we have to alight. What else did my sugar daddy expect?”

Bo Jiu remained silent, waiting for the heat to cool down but in some areas, the feeling lingered.

His hands moved to another spot, stopping on her belly button. His fingers were massaging it softly, the smile still thick on his face. “When there isn’t anyone else, we can look into the books I gifted Sugar Daddy to learn…”