Chapter 1293 - Untitled

Chapter 1293 Untitled

Qin Mo's lips brushed past her ears and even though he didn't kiss her, it was even more intimate. He looked into her eyes and laughed lightly, alluring and deep.

She could feel herself heating up. Fortunately, they had their limits.

Bo Jiu pushed him aside and took out her phone. She could hear the stewardess's heels as she approached and soon, the curtains were peeled aside.

"Sir, we have landed safety, please take your belongings with you when you leave the plane and have a pleasant journey."

That was probably the benefit of splurging; they had their own private space on the plane.

Bo Jiu caressed her neck, smiling suavely. "Thank you."

The stewardess fell into a momentary daze, taking a moment before nodding.

Bo Jiu placed her phone on her ear, speaking in a hushed tone. Both her and the Almighty didn't have any luggage.

After Bo Jiu had left, she realized the Almighty hadn't followed behind. She turned and saw that his gaze swept over to the stewardess, his lips moving slightly but the words were too soft for her to hear.

The stewardess's pupils constricted and as though she had been hypnotized, she was bowing down.

Bo Jiu couldn't see it clearly because of her position because the stewardess had her back towards her. But even then, the Almighty's smile made her stiffen.

She wasn't dumb, she knew exactly what that smile meant. But what could she do? He was Qin Mo. Regardless of what he would become, he would always be her little princess.

Bo Jiu reached out and tugged onto him, her body leaning forward to block his gaze. She smiled faintly. "Brother Mo, if you continue to flirt, I will be jealous."

Qin Mo hadn't expected her to turn back. When he felt her touch, he became too lazy to finish up on the done deal since he couldn't let her detect anything bad about him. He averted his gaze casually, his voice faint. "I'll be jealous too if you smile at others like you did just now."

Bo Jiu was caught off guard. In that time difference, the stewardess seemed to awaken. She watched as the youngster held onto the man; the distance seemed so intimate.

Bo Jiu coughed lightly, pulling the Almighty away since the stewardess was clearly in shock. After all, that was just a guess. She was also clear about another thing. It would be a challenge for the Almighty to return to the esports arena.

She had been thinking of ways to bring the Almighty back and had neglected one thing: He might not be willing to cooperate with the others to compete together. Everything was uncertain. Before that, she would have stopped him from controlling others.

He was handsome and looked harmless, leading their thoughts unknowingly. It was only right for such a dangerous Almighty to be placed near her.

Bo Jiu glanced over. "Brother Mo, seems like I have to monitor you round the clock." Just like how you used to watch me.

Back then, she had thought that he didn't believe her but now that their positions reversed, she understood. He had watched her because he didn't want her to be associated with anything bad. At least, that was how she felt now.

She was afraid that he would regret his actions when his memory came back because to him, that would be the most torturing thing…