Chapter 1294 - Untitled

Chapter 1294 Untitled

"Watching me for 24 hours? Are you sure?" Qin Mo, who didn't understand Bo Jiu's thoughts, laughed. His laughter was light and calm but his eyes were as deep as the stars. "I will torment people at night. But that's good too. I can practice the things I learned." When he said those words, his breath was just beside her ears. It was a little hot and a little slow. He seemed to be doing it on purpose.

The uneasiness in Bo Jiu's heart dissipated a little. She held the person's hand and continued walking forward. No matter what, as long as he was beside her, everything was fine.

He even let her hold his hand so obediently. From a certain point of view, she seemed to be taking advantage of him. After all, when he had allowed her to hold his hand as kids, he had seemed to only know how to turn his head and glance at her.

Now he had gotten better. When she held his hand, he would follow her. Whatever the reason was, the feeling of being blessed was the same.

Qin Mo indeed didn't resist. He felt weird about this too. He might be doing this because she was his beloved prey so he allowed himself to turn in an obedient toy-boy temporarily.

After all, the other party claimed to be a sugar daddy. Thinking about this, a tinge of naughtiness flashed past Qin Mo's eyes. He had never seen such a pure sugar daddy before. He felt sweet in his mouth. That aside, he was really interested in these books. Today, he could examine them properly.

Bo Jiu didn't know what the person behind her was thinking. But she knew that even if his appearance had changed, his aura wouldn't. Thus, she took out two black masks. After they walked out of the passageway, she asked the Almighty to lower his head.

Qin Mo glanced at the item in her hand and raised his brows. "It looks like people shouldn't see me in Jiang City."

"That's not it. It's because you're too popular and have too many fans." Bo Jiu knew the Almighty's temper so after saying this, she added, "I don't want other people to see you because you're mine."

It was obvious that this sentence had an effect on the Almighty. Under the light, the man gave a small smile. Qin Mo didn't raise his hand. He just lowered his body a little. His intention was obvious.

In this position, Bo Jiu didn't need to tiptoe. She could just touch his ears by moving her fingers. The black mask spread open and covered his handsome mixed-blood face.

"How is it?" Qin Mo asked casually.

Bo Jiu wore her mask too. She smiled under the mask and said, "Very handsome."

He was really more arrogant than he had been in the past. Thus, someone must compliment him. The Almighty now was dangerous but so what? Actually, from a certain point of view, he was just releasing some parts of him, including the habits he had had when he had been young.

Bo Jiu knew clearly how dangerous the Almighty could be when he didn't suppress his killing intent.

He wasn't like Fan Jia, who only knew how to hide in a corner like a rat and play some schemes on other people. He wasn't like Kawang, a criminal that created hatred, either.

He would do anything he wanted. He wouldn't be bound by any rules. If he wanted to act, he would, just like what he had done on the plane just now. He was even more sly than any other psychological criminal. He was like the devil, elegant even when he was killing someone.

This was why people were afraid that his personality would change entirely after he got affected by this hypnosis.

Bo Jiu understood this. That was why she must hold him tightly and never let go.

It wasn't to prevent other people from getting hurt but she knew that she was the only person on his side now. This was probably because this person was too powerful. He was so powerful that when everyone knew that he had lost his memory, their first thought was how dangerous he would be.

But no one thought about his uneasiness and questions. Who was he? Why did he appear in this place? Who should he trust?

In front of so many speedboats and muzzles, what would he be thinking? Whenever she thought about this, Bo Jiu's heart would soften. She turned back again and saw his arrogant and indifferent look. He looked a little childish. Why was he so cute?

"I really want to make you small again."

"Huh?" Qin Mo thought that he heard the wrong thing so he leaned forward. Then he confirmed that someone really did make some sounds, even if it was a little soft.

Bo Jiu continued murmuring, "That way, I can hug you in my chest and not let anyone bully you."

Bully him? Qin Mo raised his beautiful eyebrows. The stern and serious face of the youngster entered his eyes. That was the look that stopped him from executing his plan.

In this world, who could bully him? What an idiot. But why didn't he feel like leaving?

The only explanation Qin Mo could find was that his interest in her hadn't decreased. That was it.

The two people stood beside each other and walked out of the terminal building. They didn't need to wait for their luggage so they were much faster than other people.

As they held their hands blatantly, many people still turned their heads to look at them.

The two people's figures were very good-looking so when they wore a mask, their appearance wasn't affected. Instead, they gave off a fashionable look.

A lady exclaimed, "This is really the most compatible couple I have ever seen. As expected of the airport. I can see two handsome men at once and they're a couple."

Qin Mo lifted the corners of his lips when he heard this. A couple? For some reason, he found it familiar but he couldn't remember where he had heard it. Of course, he wouldn't waste his time on these things though. That was because he had to face the mutual friend she had told him about.

Outside the airport, an extra-long Rolls Royce was parked in the center of a row of cars. It was black in color but even so, many people stopped in their tracks because of it since there weren't many Rolls Royce in the country.

Which young master was coming back? Everyone wondered if it was a famous wealthy person in Jiang City.But after searching one round in their minds, they couldn't remember who owned such a car.Also, the person standing next to the car looked unfamiliar too.

He looked like a Chinese-British mix-blood around 60 years old. However, his posture was straight and tall. Few people were able to look so classic in a suit but this man did it.

He had a pocket watch in his hand, at which he occasionally looked. He looked like those guardians of a noble family that existed only in comics. This entire body was exuding a wise aura.

Was a crew filming some movie here? Or was someone filming an advertisement because Christmas was coming?

This scene was too unrealistic so people started thinking that way.

However, the next second, the old man smiled. He looked at the international flight exit and fixed his gaze on one point. Then he opened the door of the back seat gentlemanly and raised his hand to invite the person in.

At this moment, people noticed that the two figures were walking over from that direction. They were both wearing masks but their aura was unique. They felt like taking a few pictures.

Bo Jiu was astounded when she saw this scene. She didn't expect Grandfather Butler to drive this car. It was alright on the Fifth Avenue but this was China. It was too outstanding. Bo Jiu had the feeling that they would appear on the internet tomorrow. This was really… Luckily, they wore masks.