Chapter 1295 - Untitled

Chapter 1295 Untitled

To prevent people from recognizing them, Bo Jiu grabbed Qin Mo's wrist and went into the car.

After the car door closed, she looked up and smiled lightly. "This is Grandfather Butler. He's my family. He watched me grow up."

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and met the gaze in the rearview mirror. The gaze made him smile. "Grandfather Butler."

How could the old man not notice his nonchalant attitude? This young man wasn't born with an obedient personality. Hence, when suddenly acted so obediently, Grandfather Butler couldn't help but frown. But his young lord seemed very happy.

The old man retracted his gaze and brought out his professionalism as a butler. "Only Young Lord will call me Grandfather Butler. Young Master Qin, you don't have to be so polite."

Qin Mo understood the meaning behind his words. The tip of his lips pressed against his teeth and he smiled harmlessly. Finally, someone was guarding against him. Well, to be honest, the only person that had never thought of guarding against him was probably this fellow.

Qin Mo's gaze landed on Bo Jiu's face again. If he wanted to bring this person away with him in the future, he needed to pass the test of this old man first.

You had to admit that Qin Mo's intuition was frighteningly accurate. Grandfather Butler was a doctor too. He knew clearly what effects hypnosis had on a person. But similarly, he also knew that he wouldn't interfere with his young lord's decision.

There was one thing that he could try though. It might be able to help the young man recover his memory.

"Both of you haven't eaten yet, right? There are fresh ingredients at home. Young Master Qin, what would you like to have?"

Since the other party was polite, Qin Mo wouldn't reveal his dark side. He continued wearing the smile on his face and replied, "Anything is fine. I need to see what my sugar daddy wants to eat."

Sugar daddy? Grandfather Butler glanced sideways. He looked at his young lord and felt his head hurting a little. What kind of nickname was that? How many times had he told his young lord that she must act more womanly?

Bo Jiu just smiled prettily. She was satisfied with this nickname. "Steamboat. It's faster to make."

Then she tilted her head and grabbed Qin Mo's hand again. She placed it on her palm. "Brother Mo, you need to remember one thing."

"Huh?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows.

Bo Jiu smiled handsomely. "The thing I like to play the most is the keyboard. My favorite food is steamboat and the person I love the most is you."

Qin Mo was stunned for a moment. There was something floating in the depth of his eyes. It slowly sank down. "I don't know what I like to play and what I like to eat. However, there's one thing I can confirm. The person that I like the most can't be anyone else but you."

Yes, this was his perfect prey. Especially her eyes – when they landed on his body, they seemed extremely beautiful. But the prerequisite was that she would treat only him well.

Qin Mo thought for a moment. Although he had never bothered about the things she had said in the past, now he wanted to give it a try. Since he wanted to let this person follow him willingly, he needed to disguise himself better.

Qin Mo squeezed the lady's hand back. His gaze was intense and dark. It was the kind of darkness that made people uneasy.

At least, when Grandfather Butler saw this scene, his emotions were quite complicated. Based on his analysis of Qin Mo, once the hypnosis was activated, anyone would be dispensable to him. This had something to do with the environment he had lived in ever since young.

He had an indifferent personality. In the past, he had responsibilities but now he didn't have anything binding him. Thus, naturally, he didn't need to have any worries.

There were too many criminal psychologists in the world. In most circumstances, all of them had a goal. What made Qin Mo frightening was the fact that he had no goals. Even if he committed a crime one day, it might be because his hands were itchy and he wasn't happy.

Yet, this kind of person agreed to return to Jiang City with his young lord and even openly expressed his possessiveness. The old butler didn't know if he should be happy for his young lord or worried about her. If the Qin Mo now wanted to do anything, he wouldn't be able to stop him either.

The journey from the airport to their house wasn't long. Their house was a commercialized apartment. Bo Jiu had chosen it on purpose because this apartment was the closest one to the Qin Group.

In the next three days, it would be easier for them to gather with their teammates and practice together.

There would be people watching over that place though. Bo Jiu was very familiar with the methods of these people and could be sure about this. Thus, the safest option was to ask Lin Feng and the other people to come to her apartment. Also, with Grandfather Butler around, she could prevent some other things from happening.

Bo Jiu felt that since the Almighty loved to play games so much, he might be able to remember some things after he saw the team members.

She had communicated this idea with Movie Queen An, who felt that this was the best option as well. As his mother, she knew clearly that the biggest portion of her son's life consisted of business, games, and this bunch of friends. The time he had spent at home was relatively short.

From a certain point of view, heaven had never treated this young man gently. Bo Jiu felt even stronger about this idea. She had still had Grandfather Butler accompanying her. When she had been young, she had someone to talk to whenever she had missed Qin Mo. But with his personality, when he had missed her, he wouldn't talk to anyone, right?

Bo Jiu turned her head and looked at the hand with distinct joints. The deck of poker cards appeared again. She knew that he was being vigilant. He was being vigilant in a new environment.

Her phone rang again. It was from Lin Feng. Bo Jiu picked up the call and pressed the speaker. "Hello."

"Hello, Little Spade, are you back?!" Lin Feng's voice was full of excitement. "What the hell, you came back earlier than I thought. Where's Captain?"

Bo Jiu looked at Qin Mo to tell him that this person was talking about him. Then she smiled and continued, "Where else can Brother Mo be? Of course, he's beside me. How did you know that we are back?"

"Your news is on the internet. You are really conspicuous. Rolls Royce. Other people are just curious about you but your friends, like us, understood what is happening." Lin Feng laughed loudly. He was really happy. "One look and I knew that that was your and Captain's back view."

Bo Jiu held her forehead when she heard this. Since even this naive Lin Feng was able to notice this, the Qin fans would definitely be able to recognize that lean and tall figure.

Fortunately, Grandfather Butler had finished the follow-up works. No one would be able to find this place.

"I'll go and inform the other people. Now, we'll come and find you." Lin Feng wanted to act immediately.

Bo Jiu looked at Qin Mo's side profile before replying, "How about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Lin Feng frowned. Since they were back, wasn't it better to see each other as soon as possible? The Asian Cup was happening soon and they needed their captain to arrange their schedule for them.

Bo Jiu acknowledged his reply. "Tomorrow."

She could tell that the Almighty was on his guard. This meant that he didn't like it.

To someone who had lost his memory, forcing him to accept what other people told him in a single day was a little hard even for someone like Qin Mo.

Bo Jiu really wanted everyone to meet instantly but she seemed to have ignored one thing: The Almighty needed some time to accept this. Whether it was his team members from Supreme Alliance or her…