Chapter 1296 - Showering Together

Chapter 1296 Showering Together

Lin Feng hung up, feeling uneasy. His uneasiness started to brew along with the public opinion online.

Just as Bo Jiu had said, if he could recognize their back view, their fans would definitely be able to as well.

It had been hard to resist the small voice but somehow, the voice was overwhelming.

The public relation department got hold of Feng Yi to report the matter. There had to be a mastermind but they couldn't find out which company it was – which was odd. Feng Yi didn't seem to care, his eyes lighting up when he saw the photos. "Assistant Xu."

"Boss Feng." The assistant never imagined there would be a day when Feng Yi looked at someone with such a gaze.

Feng Yi lit a cigarette, holding it between two fingers. "Some stories can only be told to those that understand. There are many people who don't understand the effort she had gone through to bring Qin Mo back, so forget it. All that matters is that they are back."

Assistant Xu could sense that something had changed. Feng Shang noticed it as well.

His brother was different from before. He was still the manager with a carefree smile in front of others, the foxy manager who would never allow anyone to take advantage of Supreme Alliance – but behind the scenes, he would smoke endlessly to vent his frustration. It seemed as though he knew about something that couldn't be salvaged.

Feng Shang stuttered, asking around but he didn't manage to figure out anything.

When he saw the photo online, however, he was happy. He, Coco, and the other team members spread their joy throughout Weibo, tagging Spade Z.

In front of the dining table, Bo Jiu was still thinking of ways to let the Almighty try and accept. After much thought, she decided using evidence was the most straightforward method.

The Almighty had always been easily suspicious but now, it was even worse.

They ate for a very long time. Qin Mo watched as she buried her head, picking up lamb meat for him and somehow, the taste in his mouth seemed much better than before.

The old butler was watching too. Had Young Lord brought a Little Princess back to pamper? Young Master Qin was a grown man, couldn't he use his chopsticks? He sighed deeply. His previous advice for her to restrain and act like a reserved lady had fallen on deaf ears.

"There is freshly brewed Chinese Oolong in the teapot to cut the greasiness of the hotpot. Young Lord, do you wish to drink here or on the sofa?"

The old butler glanced down at his pocket watch. Even though they were in China, it didn't affect his British aura.

"They're both bad, we'll be drinking in the room." Bo Jiu glanced over, prepared to wipe her lips with a tissue. But the moment she moved, something pressed onto her face. It was the Almighty's fingers, caressing the edge of her lips. His actions seemed natural and at ease.

In order to facilitate the Almighty, she lifted her entire face, smiling brightly.

Qin Mo watched her laugh and suddenly had an idea. Why was his prey so likeable?

The old butler stood up, the every gentlemanly him coughing lightly. "I'll clean another room."

"That's too troublesome." Bo Jiu laughed mischievously. "We don't have enough rooms; I'll share a room with Brother Mo."

Qin Mo glanced over at the two-story apartment with multiple rooms, his fingers enjoying her tender skin, with no intention to expose her.

The old butler inhaled sharply. It seemed like the large house he got for his young lord was too excessive. There were a total of eight rooms so how could there not be enough rooms?!

He knew exactly what she was up to though. He wore his white gloves and lifted the teapot. "I'll bring it up to your bedroom and prepare another set of pajamas for Young Master Qin."

"Alright," Bo Jiu replied without a hint of shame.

Over at the side, Qin Mo smiled. He had never seen such a proactive prey. It was truly intriguing.

The old butler was still observing Qin Mo and had originally planned on speaking to him. Just then, when he stripped off his top, something was exposed on his neck. The old butler stiffened, glancing towards Bo Jiu.

His reaction was because he remembered his young lord seeking many of such amulets when she had been younger. Back then, she had just been like a little monk. Even though she had lived on the Fifth Avenue, she had been extremely close to a monk.

This monk hadn't had many amulets.

The old butler retracted his gaze, without lingering any longer. Even so, Qin Mo had noticed his actions, his dark eyes flickering.

Bo Jiu could tell that Grandfather Butler wanted to speak to her. Thus, she reached out and pushed Qin Mo into the toilet. "Brother Mo, you can shower first, we can talk after that."

Qin Mo chuckled, his smile mesmerizing but there was something hidden beneath his gaze. "It's a pity."

"What's a pity?" Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Qin Mo bent down, his breath splashing on her. "I thought we would be bathing together since we are lovers, aren't we?"

It was a pity even you are hiding things from me. How could he be at ease with having her by his side this way? With that, his gaze dimmed.

Bo Jiu wasn't able to tell from her angle though. She hugged his waist and laughed. "Brother Mo, I just realized you really like to tease me."

The sudden hug caught him off guard and internally, he smirked. At least she knew to coax him.

"I want to shower together," Bo Jiu continued with a thick smile. "But I have to speak with Grandfather Butler first. I have to tell you, regardless of what you become, you will always be my Little Princess Qin."

Qin Mo watched her, breaking into a cold laugh. "Little Princess Qin?" Where did that come from?

"Brother Mo, you used to like it in the past," Bo Jiu replied with a hurt expression. "Aish, you don't even remember this."

Qin Mo smiled interestingly, holding onto her waist. "Don't worry, even if I forgot everything, I'll still remember how to bed you."

This rascal. Which guy would like to be called a little princess? She was a lying little ruffian.

Qin Mo found it amusing, kissing her as punishment. He bent down, planting little kisses and bites on her neck. His breath heated, sending an irresistible and numbing sensation through her.

Bo Jiu was at his mercy, her back curved upwards. "Brother Mo…"

"Mmh?" Qin Mo lifted her neck, his handsome face alluring. "You can talk but make it quick, I'll be waiting in the bathtub. Didn't you want to shower together?"