Chapter 1297 - Teasing, That“s All He Knows!

Chapter 1297 Teasing, That“s All He Knows!

Teasing, that was all he knew to do.

Bo Jiu pushed him away and after a while, she pinched herself. His words made her chuckle. He didn't think she was up for it? Once she had talked with Grandfather Butler, she would find him in the bathtub.

She could take the chance to record his voice and let him hear his teasing when his memory came back. This should be considered dark history to him.

Bo Jiu caressed her lips, smiling.

As the old butler and his young lord had a tacit understanding, he was already waiting in the living room, holding his pocket watch.

Bo Jiu walked over. "Don't worry."

The old butler sighed. "He isn't stable right now. No, that isn't right, he is extremely stable and is well aware of the need to conceal his murderous intent. Young Lord, you should know how dangerous he is."

"He did not hurt anyone." Bo Jiu knew she was shoving false arguments down his throat since she had caught him hypnotizing others.

The old butler looked at her clean smile. "He wants you and hence would act with restraint."

Unexpectedly, his young lord laughed arrogantly. "Mmh, mmh, Grandfather Butler, he has always cared about me, back then and right now."

The old butler: … Was this the main point?

Back in the military, she had been keeping it in and could only tell Little Blackie about her relationship, which wasn't satisfying enough. Now that she could see Grandfather Butler so easily, she reached for a pillow and leaned her chin on it, a handsome and sweet smile on her face. "Even though he doesn't say it, his actions have been honest and he was even jealous of himself. He has always been adorable."

The old butler maintained being a British gentleman. "Once more, I understand how girls have to be married off when they are of age."

"Grandfather Butler, you don't have to worry at all. I'll just trick Brother Mo into marrying into our family," Bo Jiu suggested with a smile.

The old butler caressed his temples. Seeing how determined she was, he wasn't sure how to react. Even if the Qin family agreed for their precious baby to marry into their family, the An family would go crazy. His young lord was determined to have him though.

"In his current state, his care and concern are all feigned. If a person's character undergoes a drastic change after hypnosis, he would as well. Right now, I'm afraid he is just interested in you. But Young Lord, what happens when he loses interest?"

The old butler had a point.

Thus, Bo Jiu's smile started to dim. She stood up from the sofa and looked out the floor-to-ceiling window at the bustling traffic and crowd. Suddenly, she laughed. "Grandfather Butler, do you know? That person lost his memory on the lake and back then, his wrist was filled with blood just like the surface of the lake. Even though he was under hypnosis, he wasn't controlled by Kawang and had subconsciously hugged onto the many people ashore. But the next time he opened his eyes, he was met with a blur and there were countless number of speedboats in front of him, with armed soldiers watching him with a scrutinizing gaze. Back then, I saw him move. He touched the necklace around his neck. Initially, I wasn't sure what it was but then I saw that it was the amulet I gave him when we were younger."