Chapter 1298 - Untitled

Chapter 1298 Untitled

"So, Grandfather Butler, even though he doesn't remember anything, he would subconsciously protect the things from me. That isn't just interest." Bo Jiu turned over, her gaze filled with pure darkness. "Besides, I'm not an easy target. Even if it's really just because I'm interesting, I can make him fall for me again just like the first and second time."

The old butler paused slightly before smiling. "Young Lord, you should know I will support whatever decision you make but I would never let anyone bully you."

This included that cold boy from the Qin family. How could he make a lady take the initiative every single time? It was such ungentlemanly behavior.

The Almighty didn't bully her anymore. Now, she was the one doing the bullying. With that, she moved some of the disguising accessories upstairs to take a commemorative photo.

The old butler understood. Since she had been waiting for him since young, she had always valued his merits. When she had been younger, she had looked at him with her big round and black eyes, critiquing every child she had met. "Grandfather Butler, he isn't as good looking as my pet. My pet doesn't have to do anything to be well liked. Really, he is really likeable and fastens my shoelace for me whenever it loosens." Her praises for him had been endless.

But those were all memories buried deep in her heart. Now that he was by her side, his young lord was happier.

He would watch and see. Grandfather Butler decided to find other ways for that cold boy to get back his memory…

Qin Mo knew he had amnesia. But those memories didn't seem to matter. Before he came down, he thought about what his prey would say and the things her Grandfather Butler would bring up. He didn't need to think much, he would definitely warn her to be careful of him.


Qin Mo laughed, retracting backwards like a devil – arriving and leaving without notice. Her words seemed to repeat in his brain, seeping into him. His lips turned upwards.

Qin Mo didn't want her to know he heard and had deliberately filled up the bathtub before going down.

She placed a phone in the room before leaving. She was indeed an idiot, allowing him to use her phone with such ease.

He unlocked her phone and realized there weren't many applications. The application with the highest usage was a game.

Qin Mo swept it a glance but didn't tap in. Instead, he went into the webpage, unsure of what to search for.

Just as he had said before, he waited for her in the bathtub, his figure leaning forward. The white bubbles were floating upwards and the steam was clouding the air.

Something was different. Perhaps, he hadn't noticed but he was smiling.

Bo Jiu entered with her items, looking straight at such an Almighty.

He leaned against the edge of the bathtub, hot and sexy with his legs crossed lazily. The light reflected off the white and pristine walls. His face was lit up, so handsome it made her dizzy. There was a lazy smile, not a hint of unease and a vague arrogance. Mmh? What was the Almighty arrogant about?