Chapter 1299 - Untitled

Chapter 1299 Untitled

He seemed to have sensed her arrival, lifting his gaze from the phone. In that instant, his arrogance disappeared, seemingly concealed. The next second, he reached out his arm towards her. His hand had distinct bones and looked slender and well-shaped. With the light above splashing down, it looked almost transparent.

She had had a long talk with Grandfather Butler but hadn't mentioned one point. How was she supposed to deal with the Almighty's seduction? But on further thought, she decided she wouldn't have to deal with it. She would simply push him down when it happened. No one would be able to resist his seduction anyways.

Bo Jiu walked over and asked, "What are you looking at?" It would be best if he saw the game and decided to try his hands on it. This way, he would also be informed of their intimacy in the game.

He laughed. "You want to know?"

After Bo Jiu had nodded, Qin Mo replied in a calm tone, "If you come closer, I'll let you see."

So mysterious?

Bo Jiu approached the bathtub and was about to turn when he raised his hands and reached for her wrist.

With a loud splash, she fell into the tub, her hair and body thoroughly soaked. Her white top turned transparent. He could see her chest bind, hiding her bulging tenderness, and the fair curves underneath. She was a mess.

He held onto her waist strategically so she faced him in his arms- The steam started to spread and the water was hot. The instant she entered the tub, she shivered.

He held onto her, her position half a head higher than him. His breath splashed onto her chest along with the steam from the water. "Sugar Daddy, did you forget what you told me on the plane?"

On the plane? Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Qin Mo caressed her waist and smiled. "Once there isn't anyone around, we can look and learn from the books I gave Sugar Daddy… Aren't you curious about what I'm looking at? Take a look."

She felt a phone in her hands and looked down instinctively. Bo Jiu stiffened. What was the Almighty looking at? Had he completely forgotten his Almighty persona? Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me? It was the sort of book even she wouldn't read. That wasn't the main point though. The page the Almighty had arrived at was more important. Both leads were in an intimate position. The mood had been set perfectly and the location was in an office.

Seeing someone's thin lips slightly pursed, Qin Mo's mouth lifted up again and turned to hold her posture, all the heat splashing onto her ears, his smile was low and heavenly. "It's a pity the book doesn't have any bathroom scenes. But it doesn't matter, I'm much better than those useless descriptions."

Before she could react, he leaned over her half opened top and kissed her tenderness. He bit off her buttons. It was like a light and feathery kiss but yet, it made her tremble.

The Almighty held onto the phone, pressing it into her palm. "Hold it steady, we will be using it as reference and putting it to test."