Chapter 13 - Praising Me by Touching Me?

Chapter 13: Praising Me by Touching Me?

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Was there going to be a fight?

She had yet to fear anyone.

However, Fu Jiu didn’t like to make enemies without a reason. “Handsome, I was praising you.” It wouldn’t be nice if he still got people to beat her up after she praised him.

Qin Mo laughed suddenly, but there was only coldness in his eyes. It looked like he could only appease his anger by tearing Fu Jiu into pieces. “Touching my chest is a form of praise?”

“You ain’t no girl, what’s the big deal with being touched.” Fu Jiu persuaded. “Be gracious.”

Qin Mo’s eyes moved away from Fu Jiu’s hand indifferently, and his voice sounded like it was being squeezed out from between his gnashed teeth. “Such a pity. Generosity has never been in my dictionary.”

Did that mean that a fight was inevitable?

Fu Jiu looked at that extremely dangerous back and swung her aching wrist.

Sunshine scattered on him through the tree leaves, and as if boundless light was added onto him, there were only stateliness and luxury, nothing else.

Simply passing by people gave them freezing chills.

On top of that, there were a bunch of bodyguards in black following him.

It seemed like things were really going to be a bit troublesome…

The school heads were all surprised that Young Master Qin had let Fu Jiu go just like that. He didn’t even ask them anything, so they also felt relieved at the same time.

“Luckily, Young Master Qin is a generous person.”

“Tell me about it.”

The guidance director wiped off the sweat on his forehead after the false alarm.

Only the cat-like young man slightly tilted his head and bit again on the ear of the rabbit doll in his embrace. The captain he knew sought revenge to the end every single time; the calmer he was, the more severe the consequences were going to be…

That Fu Jiu, who had swooped in, would be dead soon!

Qin Mo was leading in the front. The feeling which he had never experienced before was still lingering on his chest, making the glint in his eyes plunge into unprecedented depths.

It was only a short minute, but all of the students and teachers felt like ages had passed.

The moment Qin Mo’s back finally disappeared, Chen Xiaodong rushed to Fu Jiu like a wild gust of wind with his eyes wide open. “Young Master, do you know what you just did? If Boss discovers this, you will be punished again. And that Young Master Qin, he never liked being touched. Were you testing his limits? And you even flirted with him. Young Master, Young Master Qin is different from you. He’s not gay!”

Fu Jiu put her hand into her pocket and quite coolly denied, “I’m not gay either.”

“You have already done that to Young Master Qin, you…” Cheng Xiaodong sighed, “Young Master, I know. If I were gay, I would fall for a man like Young Master Qin too, but look at the girls around you; they didn’t even pounce on him and hug him.”

Fu Jiu gave a terse reply as though she thought nothing of it. The corners of her mouth were still half-curled. “If it’s like what you said, then didn’t Young Master Qin just give me his virgin hug?”

“Young Master…” Chen Xiaodong was completely defeated by his young master. At a time like this, he was still thinking of such a thing.

Fu Jiu patted his shoulder. “Just kidding, but let me be clear; it was not my intention to hug him. I was thinking about going to Computer City, and then someone pushed me from behind without me noticing.”

“I trust you!” Chen Xiaodong was dead serious!

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Chen Xiaodong continued, “Therefore Young Master, let’s be honest with each other. Next time, if you want to do anything to Young Master Qin, tell me first!”

Fu Jiu: “…”