Chapter 1301 - Untitled

1301 Untitled

Her jade white heels were soaked and her back was wrapped with a towel. The light rays reflected off the water droplets, bright and shiny. But her eyes were dark. She was like a sea demoness indeed, especially when she smiled and her lips were lifted and her posture was upright – an exquisite beauty. She wasn't the least bit embarrassed with her current state.

Bo Jiu reached for her cheeks, looking very handsome. She wanted to just press him down and finish the deed but before she could take action, he pulled her back into his arms, covering her in a dry towel. Even her eyes were wrapped up.

"Brother Mo." Bo Jiu didn't think it was a fair fight since she couldn't take action with her sight covered.

Qin Mo watched the drenched little ruffian try to act cool but now, she seemed more like an irritated kitten. She reached out her paws, trying to cajole her way out.

"Mmh?" He arched a brow, pressing her head onto his shoulders.

Bo Jiu finally quietened because she realized she wasn't the only one in the towel.

The Almighty was wrapped inside as well and she was pressing against his bare skin. Mmh, this was how it should be. Why was he trying to distance himself? Bo Jiu smiled, her eyes turning into a line. She reached out, prepared to move.

"Up to no good?" Qin Mo pulled out an arm and pressed her mischievous paws down, his brows arched as he asked, "Seems like my Sugar Daddy really likes me?"

Bo Jiu arched her head up to look at him, smiling teasingly. "Yes, that's right."

"You can't touch randomly even if you like me." Qin Mo put her in her place as though he was caring for a prey he reared at home. "Turn over and look into the mirror."

Bo Jiu arched a brow. "What are you going to do?"

"Blowing your hair." He wanted to distract her from her disruptive ways. The Almighty brought a hairdryer over and raised his arms.

Bo Jiu thought for a moment. She couldn't just force him because it didn't seem very nice for her to bully him while he had amnesia. "Alright, go ahead."

He turned, and his chest became a support for her back. They were covered with the same towel, which was just the right size, preventing her from taking advantage of him.

Qin Mo heard her sigh and laughed. "What is it? Are you very disappointed with my hair blowing? What are you thinking about the entire day?"

"How to bed you." Bo Jiu enjoyed the soft wind and laughed. "Isn't it obvious enough?"

Qin Mo looked over and couldn't help it, reaching out to pinch her face. "I'm expensive, let's dry your silver fur now."

"Silver fur?" Bo Jiu tilted her head. "It's the hottest granny grey, looks pretty good. Isn't it handsome?"

Qin Mo looked into her distinct eyes, the tear mole striking. Her nose, mouth and even her collarbone was beautiful. He leaned down and kissed her lips, his gaze deepening. "It's pretty."

Until this day, she was the most pleasing prey.

"Not as pretty as you." Bo Jiu was being honest. Her Little Princess Qin had been good looking since young.

Qin Mo's fingers glid through her hair, the hair dryer blowing softly. "You sure those words are used to describe me? No guy would like to be described in such a manner."

"How about enthralling beauty?" Bo Jiu tried.

Qin Mo raised a brow.

"A temptress?" Perhaps this was a more fitting description.

Qin Mo laughed very slowly. "Why don't you just call me Daji, the favored consort that wreaked havoc?"

"How could you compare to Daji?" Bo Jiu laughed. "You are much better looking."

Qin Mo decided not to toss her out the window since it was comfortable hugging her.

Just then, she continued, "Brother Mo, in ancient times, I must have been an incompetent king and if you are Daji, I would have willingly allowed you to wreak havoc. Don't you think I'm very reckless? I want to beat up anyone who talks bad about you. This must be why you used to call me rash. Mmh, I am rather rash."

Qin Mo switched off the hairdryer, knocking her hair rhythmically. "You aren't rash at all."

Every single one of her words had the power to seep into his heart – such craftiness.

"I'm rash. For instance, I really want to bed you." Bo Jiu tilted her head, her tone lazy. "So, Brother Mo, you have to stop me if I start to take action. I'm extremely susceptible towards your seduction so go ahead and unleash yourself."

Qin Mo laughed softly. He was not hiding his emotions. He placed the hair dryer, his aura distant. "You can tell that I'm trying to seduce you?"

"It's a pity you didn't continue." Bo Jiu laughed softly and sneezed before continuing, "You wouldn't give me anything sweet to hold on to."

Qin Mo swept her a glance and frowned. He carried her and walked into the room, stuffing her under the quilt.

"Ah." Bo Jiu cried. "There's too many layers, it's heavy." With a thick quilt between them, it would be hard for her to take advantage of him.

"Where's the medicine?" Qin Mo asked, ignoring her complaint. He pressed down on her, holding her immobile.

"What medicine?"

"Cold medicine," Qin Mo replied, pressing her head back down.

Bo Jiu suddenly realized that the Almighty had been concerned about her sneeze. He thought she was ill and was trying to find medicine. She still managed to be rewarded.

Bo Jiu exposed her eyes, smiling beneath the quilt.

Qin Mo glanced over at her and realized he had over reacted. He stiffened for a second, sitting down by the edge of the bed with a casual smile. "You proud?"

"No, I'm cold and unwell, I must have gotten sick from soaking in the tub for too long." In order to appear more convincing, Bo Jiu started to massage her temples.

Qin Mo's smile thickened. "Cold? We'll add another blanket."

The Almighty was a man of his words, he immediately opened the cupboard and pulled out another summer blanket before placing it on Bo Jiu. "Aren't you much warmer now?"

"Mmh." What else could she say? Since she was the one who had started it, even if it was hot, she would have to finish the act. "I'm just a little thirsty." Water would definitely bring down her temperature.

Qin Mo raised his brow. "Thirsty? Do you want me to get you hot water?"

Hot water? Bo Jiu waved her hand. "Forget it, I'm not that thirsty." The Almighty really was a tease.

Qin Mo watched as a flush crept up her face and leaned down on her, his tone frustrated. "I'm going to ask one last time. Are you cold or hot?"