Chapter 1303 - Untitled

1303 Untitled

The starting music blasted through the speakers as Bo Jiu started the game.

For the first time, her shamelessness was rather likeable. But it was understandable as a domestic prey would definitely be more likeable.

Bo Jiu entered the game and chose her character, using a striking nickname.

Qin Mo arched his brows. "Little Sweetheart Qin Belongs to Me?"

Bo Jiu felt a tickling on her scalp. "Brother Mo, don't sweat the small stuff."

"Of course, since you are my sugar daddy." Qin Mo leaned over, biting her ear. Seeing Bo Jiu shuddering and her ears turning red, Qin Mo was satisfied. His gaze returned to the screen. "Someone is speaking there."

Bo Jiu saw it as well; it was a player that was out to snatch her location. She didn't give in though.

The player was obviously unhappy but he didn't move, dragging time. Playing emotionally wasn't advantageous to character development.

Bo Jiu didn't say much, earning money before fighting. But her teammates were still talking. "Hey, assassin, look at my rank and look at yours. Can't you see that I'm two tiers higher? Why do you want to compete with him? Let me tell you, you better smarten up or I'll go out and complain about you."

Qin Mo's gaze deepened, focusing on one person. "What is he doing?"

That was when Bo Jiu realized the Almighty had really lost his memory and had become an entirely different person.

"We're fighting beasts. Assassins have to fight beasts in order to grow their finances or we can't grow. Every assassin has to go through the same process to hit the fourth rank and the best way is to fight beasts."

Qin Mo laughed, reaching over before signaling for her to take another path.

"What is it?" Bo Jiu asked. What was the Almighty up to?

Qin Mo tapped the screen. "I'll play."

"You know how to play this?" Bo Jiu asked, obvious surprise in her eyes.

Qin Mo replied calmly, "I don't but I saw your maneuvering just now."

He wasn't wrong but… Bo Jiu watched as he stood stationary, waiting for others to attach the beats. What was he doing?

Soon, she understood his intentions because the teammate from before spoke again, "F*ck, the blue beasts I had been working on!"

Then he realized it wasn't just the blue, the red and even the baby beasts were all snatched away accurately at the last second. He started to curse out loud.

The Almighty moved his delicate hands, muting the game as he continued to snatch beasts.

"I'm leaving! F*ck!" This time, he typed the words.

The other teammates wanted him to play properly. However, that man harrumphed, sending out his messages in three parts. "I'll go all out if you get Little Sweetheart Qin to stop snatching my beasts! With that maneuvering, what else can he do other than snatch my beasts? Anyone can kill him off easily."

Bo Jiu swept the screen a glance before she reached for the phone and replied, "You don't intend to come out? Then you can stand in there."

With that, she moved her fingers expertly, her character dashing across the jungles like a whirlwind. Her clothes fluttered with the wind, the sword gleaming at her side.

"Seeking death."

The music pierced through the air.