Chapter 1305 - Untitled

Chapter 1305 Untitled

Those that played Hero would usually be focused on raising their score. And those who were good at killing monsters in the jungle could bring up the tempo of the entire game. It wasn’t easy to have met such an amazing Almighty.

Before the game ended, the opponent started to send messages. “The brother from the other team, want to be friends? Look at how cute I am – stop trying to kill me and bring me along for the ride?”

Under normal circumstances, Bo Jiu wouldn’t be looking at the chat. But today, Qin Mo was around and he would look at it. When he saw the message, he laughed but the edges of his lips were cold and repressed. “Is she flirting with you?”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu just noticed the chat. She released one hand to reply, “I’m not a brother.”

The girl from the other side continued to flirt. “What are you then? An uncle? Uncles are great too – they are much more charismatic.”

“I’m a sis,” Bo Jiu replied, attracting the Almighty’s attention.

He hugged her and tapped the phone screen, his target accurate as he replied calmly, “Kill her.”

Bo Jiu: … That wasn’t good to a girl… The Almighty probably wasn’t aware how scary she was.

“What is it?” Qin Mo laughed, watching her. His fingers tapped her, sending a numbing sensation through her. “Are you taking fancy to the pitiful girl?” He paused, using an attractive bait. “You will be rewarded if you send her back to the city.”

Indeed, it was a tempting offer. She made her decision to send that flirt back to the city!

Bo Jiu lifted her sword. While the others were still getting over the fact that she was a girl, she glided past them and went straight for the confused looking sorcerer.

The sorcerer cursed, *F*ck!”

The next second, her teammates laughed. “Hahaha, this is what you get for pretending to be a girl to cheat others!”

There was a famous saying in the game: If they found someone capable, they should pretend to be a girl and start flirting. 90% of the time, they would be able to avoid death.

The sorcerer was a long-time player and wasn’t really comfortable with the method but had decided to try it out today!

Soon, he realized a problem. It wasn’t about his death but… That elder sister was following him everywhere! She didn’t even care about the game and was focused on killing him?

The male sorcerer was thoroughly confused. He couldn’t leave his house at all. If he left just a step, he would be killed!

“What grievances do you have!” he typed in the public chat. “Handsome Sis, do you have to take it this far? I was just flirting but you’re making my life difficult here.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. The Almighty told her to ignore his message and continue to kill. She didn’t oblige though and paused her maneuvering to type, “My boyfriend is beside me and is jealous from your flirting. I have to coax him.”




They sent out messages consecutively. It wasn’t surprising for couples to flaunt their love in games but they had never been so badly trashed before!

Today, this girl had gone on a massacre in order to make her boyfriend happy? Honestly, they were speechless! Was this really alright?!