Chapter 1306 - Untitled

Chapter 1306 Untitled

It seemed more like something guys did to coax their girlfriends. Whenever they played, their girlfriend would play the tank while they fought in the jungle. They would have to sacrifice their lives to defend them.

But with someone else, it was completely different. Wasn’t it an overkill? There was no way to carry on playing. After being caught four times, the male sorcerer remained in the city. Every time Bo Jiu killed him, she would peak at the Almighty.

Mmh, he was smiling and there was warmth in his eyes.

Ai, her Little princess Qin was adorable.

She was at his mercy. Let the massacre go on!

No one in the game could stop her. Just as she had said in the beginning, she never allowed the other assassin a chance to fight beasts. But he wasn’t able to say anything as it was an effortless win.

The game went on for ten minutes and was a solo display of Bo Jiu’s skills.

Someone had recorded the game and posted it with a suitable title. “Handsome Sister’s Massacre to Coax Her Boyfriend, Have You Seen Her?”

At the start, there weren’t many views. But gradually, the comment section started to pile up. “Is the assassin really a girl? Her maneuvering and that speed is incredible. It’s at a professional level, right?”

“Professional? Don’t scare me.”

“What are you scared about? Think about it, some of the livestream hosts aren’t even at her level and more importantly, she is a girl.”

“I have a small comment, her maneuvering looks familiar.”

“I think so too.”

“I wouldn’t comment about the name since it might bring her bad reputation but it doesn’t seem possible since she disappeared and wouldn’t be back.”

“Cough, I agree. Let me mention this softly, look at the ID, it’s Little Sweetheart Qin, Little Sweetheart… Qin.”

“No, the CP fans would go crazy!”

“What I can’t stand is when she says that her boyfriend is beside her and he is jealous of his flirting and that she has to coax him. Geez, such dominance. Even as a girl, my Big… Cough, cough, is still the most dominant one!”

“Let’s stop guessing, it might have been a coincidence. The Asian Cup has begun but Almighty Qin isn’t back yet. You guys need to set your minds straight, some things are impossible. Besides, it’s true that Spade Z is a girl. As a passerby, it’s about time she wrapped up. I’m neither a fan nor an anti-fan and am speaking objectively. For the sake of Supreme Alliance, she shouldn’t come back.”

Lin Feng, who had been concerned about Little Spade, couldn’t hold it any longer, replying to the comment directly, “I hate seeing such comments. Some people can express their unhappiness but it isn’t necessary to include the line ‘I’m neither a fan nor an anti-fan and am speaking objectively’. Heh, your opinion is clearly skewed and yet you claim to be objective? Some of you seem to have forgotten that if it hadn’t been for Little Spade, Supreme Alliance would never have entered the top eight in the National League, What Asian Cup would there be to speak of then? And please, get your facts right, we are Supreme Alliance, not you. We know what is best for the team so stop trying to interpret our opinions from your angle. We are grateful for the support from all our fans but the professionals will be taking care of the competing sequence and you guys are not professionals. Anyone not willing to watch the competition can simply not buy a ticket.”