Chapter 1307 - Untitled

Chapter 1307 Untitled

Feng Yi had opened a meeting to tell them not to reply to any comments online – whether they were good or bad. He had even set a range to their internet use as he was worried about their mental state.In the past, they had been faced with discrimination but gradually, there would be comments on how it was just a game.

In esports, few understood that a countless number of people were putting in hard work although there were some people who used substitutes during livestreams to earn money. They coddled their fans, treating them like a father. Gradually, more and more people felt like they had the power to determine how their teams were like.

But they seemed to have forgotten that this was always a competition. In this competition, skills were the most important factor.

Those that first entered the industry weren’t banking on its potential for growth; their reasons were pure and simple: It was their passion.

Perhaps it was difficult for girls to understand such emotions; to be seated in the dorms, fighting battles late into the night. Halfway through, one would kick the brother seated beside them and order delivery, starting another round as they bit down on a chicken wing. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy all this after they left school. Hence, they cherished it.

Likewise, they hoped for the team in their youth to go further. They understood the meaning of support. Buying the tickets to watch as they fought fearlessly, taking down the victory. They were the nation’s pride. They weren’t meant to be sunk deep in the mud because of those who claimed to like them.

It wasn’t just psychological pressure during competitions, no one else trained in front of a computer for such long hours. To the ordinary officer worker or perhaps a student, they would most likely just end up being scolded for their mistakes.

But for them, the entire internet would be going after them. They couldn’t retaliate since they would be labeled as having a poor character. Perhaps no one cared about their career length. For instance, on one knew why Yin Wuyao liked to smoke.

It relieved his fatigue and diverted his attention away from his cervical vertebra. When the back of his neck hurt and the training intensity increased, he would spend eight to nine hours in front of the computer. As he worried about his performance during the competition, the stress would start to pile up, affecting his sleep.

This was the reason he was dozing off in the morning, making it seem as though he didn’t sleep enough.

Many people called it the Almighty’s aura, being lazy and indifferent like a world master. In reality, they were really exhausted and would use every opportunity to take a break in order to maintain their psychological state.

Lin Feng was prepared to be punished for his comment since he received a call from Feng Yi. But this time, it wasn’t a scolding. “Did you see Boss Qin?”

“We were supposed to meet today but Little Spade postponed it to tomorrow.” Although Lin Feng was naive and simple, he could still notice the emotions in his tone. “Foxy Feng, are you hiding something from us?”

Feng Yi leaned against his office chair. “There is something but I haven’t confirmed it yet. It’s still just a gut feeling.”


“What would you do if Boss Qin doesn’t know how to game anymore?”