Chapter 1308 - Untitled

Chapter 1308 Untitled

“What do you mean? Fox Feng, are you kidding? Even if Captain retires, he would still be better than any of us, “Lin Feng spoke anxiously.On a certain level, Feng Yi knew each member of Supreme Alliance well. Lin Feng might be naive but the rashness of his speech was representative of his anxiety. Feng Yi massaged his temples. “There are unique circumstances.”

“Are his hands that badly injured?” Lin Feng paced around with his phone. “That doesn’t matter, he just has to be there to watch us when we compete. I’m not agreeable about having him compete as the doctor mentioned he isn’t suited to play esports anymore. It would be a good chance,” Lin Feng rambled on. In the end, he raised his hands to caress his head, his voice turning faint. “Fox Feng, what exactly happened to Captain?”

Feng Yi knew he wasn’t prepared for the news. “Amnesia. He forgot everything, including the game and…” He paused for a while before adding, “us.”

The word us slammed into Lin Feng’s brain. He stiffened, his eyes turning red. “That’s the reason Little Spade brought him back.”

“It’s confidential and I’m not sure of the specifics.” Feng Yi nodded his head as he smoked. “But fortunately, he wasn’t alone when it happened.” He was slightly informed of the incident three years ago. Lin Feng and the others knew a little as well. That person had rushed back with a hand injury and high fever, just because of the competition.

But once some things were over, it couldn’t be helped. None of them could forget the injury on his shoulder when he had cleaned his wound. Even those who hadn’t been informed could tell it was a gunshot. What exactly had he done?

None of them would know but a few days after he had come back, there would always be news of cases being cracked or overseas hostages being safely transported back.

Such coincidences had happened a countless number of times. Perhaps the others would not know but he, Yun Hum and Lin Feng came from a related background and they lived in the Courtyard, which was the reason they understood the links.

Feng Yi didn’t hide any facts. “Some people will start repelling their previous lifestyle after amnesia. In reality, I wasn’t the first person to realize Young Master Qin had forgotten to game, it was Little Spade. She just sent me a message for you to be mentally prepared for the meeting tomorrow.”

“There isn’t anything to prepare.” Lin Feng stood up, his voice strong and unwavering. “Qin Mo will always be the captain of Supreme Alliance and will always remain the Almighty in our heart. No one can ever take his place.”

Feng Yi laughed. “For the meeting tomorrow, pick a good time to invite them for a gathering before the competition.”

“The internet comment?” Lin Feng coughed lightly.

Feng Yi’s eyes turned deep. “I will handle that; you will be given a satisfied response.” To a certain extent, Feng Yi was rather protective.

Everyone knew that after they were informed, none of them would be unaffected. Lin Feng was still thinking about it when he laid on his bed. If Little Spade had been the first person to find out, how had she felt? She should be more upset than any of them.