Chapter 1309 - Untitled

Chapter 1309 Untitled

Had she been upset? Bo Jiu wasn’t sure how she had felt back then.

She watched as he took over the phone, navigating around the map like a new player, who was completely unfamiliar with the surroundings. He moved slowly and had even walked into a wall.

There was a time when she had made a vow to never let him fall from his helm. She could still remember the figure dressed in white, with a longsword in his hand. With just a wave, he could take the first drop of HP.

Even until this moment, video footage of his games was still found on every major esports site. Regardless of his orb walk or his techniques, they were all a textbook-like existence. In Hero, he could move around freely and with ease, like the wind. He had executed the Three Thousand Knife Cutting over and over for his five consecutive kills. The image blazed into her memory, visible the moment she shut her eyes. This was why she was aggravated when the assassin mocked his orb walk.

Those people would never understand what sort of existence he had. Bo Jiu wasn’t upset but her heart shattered. It was so painful because she just wanted to make him happy. She was willing to do anything. Besides, it was just to kill a character in the game.

After noticing the Almighty’s interest, she decided to start another game. But as she continued to play, she realized the Almighty was more interested in wreaking havoc. For instance, when she killed the blue beasts, he would tap the screen for her character to retreat, which was how her kills ended up going to waste.

But he never stopped her when she took lives. He would even break into a low laugh. “That’s sinister.”

“It’s from your guidance, Brother Mo.” Bo Jiu enjoyed hiding in the bushes, a habit she had learnt from the Almighty.

Qin Mo leaned his chin on her shoulders, picking out the main point. “I taught you to play?”

“Partially.” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. “How about I tell you how you used to chase me?”

Qin Mo arched his brows, his voice lazy. “I chased you?”

“Definitely. I can’t be the one who chased you, I’m a girl after all.” Bo Jiu didn’t look at him at all.

The little ruffian could actually be guilty. Qin Mo was amused, kissing her ear. “I’m glad Sugar Daddy still remembers she’s a girl.”

Bo Jiu: …

“So, how did I chase you?” He couldn’t dispel his prey’s enthusiasm, especially not one that was being nurtured at home. Qin Mo could feel her body warmth, the feeling putting a smile on his face.

Bo Jiu laughed. “We knew each other since we were young but because of some family matters, I had to leave urgently without prior notice. Back then, I wasn’t sure if you were angry since you didn’t reply to any of the letters I sent you, which was how we lost contact. Thereafter, when we were older, I wanted to earn some money online and opened a version of Hero to play. That was where you fell for me. You were impressed with my suaveness and insisted on scouting me into your team. You added me as a friend multiple times but I didn’t accept your request. You came to my school with the others and since I’m a rather polite person and you invited me so passionately, it wouldn’t have been nice to reject your offer. Gradually, I grew fascinated with you. Think about it, Brother Mo, you must have had ulterior motives back when you invited me to your team.”