Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Lord Jiu Falls into Almighty Qin’s Trap and Stays Over

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In an instant, Fu Jiu saw Aunt Zhang’s eyes lose their shine, so she quickly extended her hand out. She smiled lightly, looking very handsome. “Of course I like it. Aunt Zhang’s beef hot pot was out of this world. The pajamas that you prepared must be comfortable too…”

Aunt Zhang suddenly felt very confident after she was praised by the young man. Her whole face lit up, and she even blushed a little for no good reason. Young Master Jiu was indeed too gentle; he was a totally different kind of boy from her own young master.

Fu Jiu was about to release more of her charms… but then Qin Mo took over the conversation, sounding indifferent. “If you like Aunt Zhang this much, then stay for the night.”

Fu Jiu: “…” Almighty was setting her up again!

“Ha? Young Master Jiu isn’t going to stay?” Aunt Zhang looked at this handsome young man in front of her, and she sounded quite disappointed, “I prepared dim sum and congee with century eggs and lean pork for Young Master Jiu. Young Master doesn’t eat this, and just when there’s finally someone who appreciates it…”

Fu Jiu was doing the calculations in her mind—the bathroom and bedroom were separated, so even if she stayed over, as long as she and Qin Mo were in different rooms, nobody would notice anything.

Things have already come to this point. If she insisted on rejecting the offer, someone like this god, who had mastered psychology, would start to suspect that something was going on.

Most importantly, she really couldn’t bear hurting women who were nice to her, especially someone like Aunt Zhang.

“Of course I’m staying.” Fu Jiu lifted the corners of her lips, and she completely looked like a prince. She took the pajamas from Aunt Zhang using her left hand, before intimately reaching out and tucking Aunt Zhang’s hair behind her ears. “How could a glutton like me pass on Aunt Zhang’s divine cooking—congee with century eggs and lean pork?”

Hearing this, Aunt Zhang became happy like a little kid. “I’ll go get it for Young Master Jiu right now!”

“Okay!” Nobody could see that little crying face inside our Lord Jiu’s heart.

Staying meant that she needed to have those bandages on for the every night. Every girl would know how tortuous it was to do so.

Qin Mo realized that he had successfully reached his goal, and so he continued on with his video conference. His fluent English was mixed with some random French words.

It looked like this wasn’t just a random meeting. One had to give it to this god; he still had the time to use Aunt Zhang to trap her while conducting an important overseas conference at the same time. He was majorly committed to Fu Jiu.

Indeed, all businessmen were scheming.

Fu Jiu was complaining inside, and she was planning to go and get changed while this god was still in his meeting.

Otherwise, she didn’t know if she could handle a situation like what happened last time in the changing room again…

In order to not be set up again by a god, Fu Jiu went downstairs to confirm which room was her’s with Aunt Zhang and get to know the place a little.

As long as they were not in the same bed, the level of safety was high.

It seemed that she had nothing to worry about.

Thinking this way, Fu Jiu took her newly assembled laptop out and casually started to play games.

After she had logged in, she saw over 100 friend requests on her account.

Fu Jiu opened the web page, and saw that it was full of messages from “Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”

“Idol, idol, why didn’t you add me?”

“Idol, this game server is a jerk. It just said that I was evilly harassing a player! I only sent you 100 messages! I was going to send you 1000! I am filthy rich in-game!”

“Idol… take me to play games and take me to fly! I’m waiting! Why didn’t you show up?”

“Idol, why aren’t you online, did you get kidnapped by Almighty?”

At first, Student Feng was very cheerful and excited. Later, he became extremely depressed in his messages. Obviously, Student Feng was wistfully waiting for her in-game…