Chapter 1310 - Untitled

Chapter 1310 Untitled

“Ulterior motive?” Qin Mo repeated and reached out his arm lazily, switching off her phone. “Seems like a rather one-sided assumption.Bo Jiu glanced over. “Alright, it doesn’t matter how you felt but that was definitely how I felt.”

“That was the reason you joined the team?’ Qin Mo asked casually.

Bo Jiu replied seriously, “Mmh, I was tempted by Brother Mo’s beauty and didn’t have much choice, I had even signed a deed for three years, with Brother Mo as the legal guardian of the team.”

“Which means I’m your sugar daddy.” Qin Mo laughed while watching the youngster in his arms.

Bo Jiu regretted her words and started to divert his attention. “That isn’t necessarily true, I’m definitely richer than you, entering the team was just to chase you.”

“Oh? The team member is after her boss? Or is the team member after her Captain?” Qin Mo asked with a smile on his face.

Bo Jiu knew she didn’t stand a chance in this topic hence, she took the phone and prepared to start another game in silence.

He watched her from behind, holding her in his arms as he did before. “Why aren’t you going to kill beasts?”

“They aren’t out yet, it takes a couple of seconds but I can’t remember the exact figure.”

“120 seconds after its death, it should already be out.”

Bo Jiu suddenly stopped, glancing up. “How did you know that?” Did he perhaps remember it or have a vague impression from before?

“Is it that hard?” Qin Mo’s finger tapped the screen. “I watched you play for a while now and calculated the timing, it wasn’t a difficult conclusion.”

Even though the Almighty had lost his memory, he was still a genius. As a psychologist, there wasn’t anyone else who could beat him in memory power.

“How long more can my magic points last?”

“90 seconds”

“What about the time the Tyrant King sinks into darkness?”

“Ten minutes after the game starts.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes turned brighter by the second. “How long does it take for my big move to replenish?”

“Are you testing me? Or are you trying to familiarize me with the game?” Qin Mo watched her with a smile, the warmth dimming. “I don’t like playing games. Even though I may have played in the past, it doesn’t mean I like it now.”

Bo Jiu glanced up and could tell that his patience was running thin. She immediately turned off her phone. “I won’t play if you don’t like it. I thought you liked it since you enjoyed disrupting me so much.”

“That’s because you’re the one playing,” Qin Mo replied abruptly.

After they both had become silent, Qin Mo frowned while Bo Jiu laughed, unable to hold it in.

Qin Mo stood up. “Proud?”

“That’s right.” Her eyes were bright. “Brother Mo, does that mean you like me a little?”

Qin Mo replied calmly, a soft laughter in his voice, “You’re my sugar daddy. How can I not like you?”

He was starting to act gentle again. What else could she do? “That’s all that matters.”

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened, still thinking about the words he had blurted out. But there wasn’t anything wrong with playing with his prey since she was so likeable.

However, since she stopped playing, she seemed to have nothing else to do and thus followed him wherever he went, even to the toilet as though she grew a tail. Qin Mo glanced up. “Tell me, what do you want?”