Chapter 1311 - Untitled

Chapter 1311 Untitled

“Nothing much, I just wanted to know what my reward is.” Bo Jiu didn’t forget his promise of a reward if he killed the sorcerer.Qin Mo arched a brow. She had followed him all the way just for a reward? She was such a child.

Getting no response, Bo Jiu pouted. “Was it a lie?”

“Close your eyes.” Qin Mo reached out and pressed down her frown. This little rascal was throwing a tantrum?

Bo Jiu laughed as she closed her eyes obediently, thinking how hard it was to be granted a kiss. In order to match up to his height, she stood on her toes.

Qin Mo watched her actions and couldn’t help grinning. He stuffed the things in his hands into her pants pocket leisurely. “Done.”

Done? Bo Jiu opened her eyes. He hadn’t even touched her so how could he be done?

“Aren’t you kissing me?” Bo Jiu asked, looking disappointed.

“You’re a girl, what’s with all those thoughts?”

“Didn’t you promise me before?” Bo Jiu replied innocently.

Qin Mo was reminded of the answer she had mentioned. She had spoken about bedding him. Was he someone that could be bedded so easily? Qin Mo didn’t look at her face, retracting his reward. “Since that’s the case, you probably don’t want the reward I gave you.”

“Who said that? Brother Mo, you can’t retract a gift that has been given away.” Bo Jiu blocked him and pressed down on her pants pocket. That was when she realized that there was a round item inside, wrapped in an exquisite packaging. A chocolate-flavored milk candy?

She paused for a moment and suddenly remembered the times in the military. Regardless of where he was, he would always have a candy in his pocket because she liked to eat candy.

Qin Mo watched as she stood stationary and frowned. What did that mean? It wasn’t possible that she didn’t like it. From his observations, she liked to eat candy and this was her favorite flavor. But why was she looking at it with such an expression?

She hadn’t reacted in the manner he had expected – with smiles and hugs. Qin Mo stuffed his hands into his pockets without much change in his expression but he thought he shouldn’t have asked that question.

“What is it? You don’t like it?”

The familiar voice snapped her out of her trance. Bo Jiu collected her thoughts and tightened her grip around the candy, her eyes turning into small crescents when she smiled. “I like it.”

Qin Mo swept her a glance. She liked it? She didn’t look surprised and instead seemed to be reminiscing.

Qin Mo tilted his head, his hair concealing his eyes. “That’s good.”

Her words weren’t in line with her actions. But that was normal because under normal circumstances, anyone would be reminiscing their lover from before his amnesia.

Qin Mo’s lips curved downwards very slightly. Even though he was smiling, there wasn’t any warmth in his expression.

Of course, Qin Mo would never allow her to notice anything. He would hold her waist tightly, bullying her mercilessly and watching as she begged for mercy before he rewarded her with a kiss on her eyes while still withholding the last step.

Before she fell asleep, Bo Jiu could feel someone whispering into her ears very softly, in a low and smooth tone that seemed to be wet from the humidity outside. “The person beside you now is me.”