Chapter 1312 - Untitled

Chapter 1312 Untitled

It was probably too deeply rooted into her.

The next day when she woke up, she turned towards Qin Mo to ask, “Brother Mo, did you say something last night?”

“Said something?” Qin Mo stood beside the bed, buttoning his shirt leisurely. His fingers were stiffening slightly because of her words. “What should I have said?”

Bo Jiu watched his lazy expression and frowned at his reply. Had she perhaps dreamt about it?

“You are the one that is by my side now.”

Qin Mo laughed. “As if I would say something like that.”

“Indeed, it doesn’t seem like something you would say.” After all, the Almighty was sharp tongued and wasn’t the least bit skilled in saying words of affections. Bo Jiu stood up barefooted, convinced she had been confused.

But before her feet touched the ground, he held onto her collar from the back, tugging her back onto the bed.

“Wear your slippers.” Just like when they had been younger, he would always be watching to make sure she wore her slippers.

Bo Jiu watched his face for a second before bending down to grab her slippers. That should do it.

Qin Mo couldn’t be bothered anymore, entering the bathroom to wash up.

The little rascal followed behind him. She didn’t even know to roll up her sleeves when she squeezed out the toothpaste, a waste of her sharp-witted appearance.

Bo Jiu noticed his glance and replied frankly, “Brother Mo, the team members are coming today. They are your brothers.”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied lightly, in a lazy manner.

“We would often gather together,” Bo Jiu said, reaching out towards the washing basin.

Qin Mo was one step ahead. With his toothbrush in his mouth, he glanced down emotionlessly, rolling her sleeves up.

Bo Jiu looked at the familiar and handsome face. Perhaps he wasn’t that different.

“If you continue to look at me and remember something from the past, I’m going to get angry.” She wasn’t sure if he was kidding or being serious. He reached out and held her neck tightly, leaning it towards his direction. “Don’t you know how to roll up your sleeves? How old are you?”

Bo Jiu had never been good in self-care and now, even her face was washed by someone else. She couldn’t help grinning though.

The Almighty’s tone seemed resentful about her shortcomings but only the nickname Little Bo Jiu was lacking.

Bo Jiu smiled as she drank her milk, which the Almighty had poured for her. He had even used his hands to test the temperature before passing it to her. He was starting to become like his childhood self. She was glad. Bo Jiu remained in a good mood until she sent Lin Feng a text.

Lin Feng was still worrying. “Do we need to bring so many things over?”

Bo Jiu didn’t like typing and sent a voice message. “We don’t lack anything here and Grandfather Butler made an entire roasted lamb for us. We can have it while we talk and once we are done, you can train here. We have thirteen advanced Alienware computer sets for you guys to start a team battle.”

As Lin Feng glanced over in a daze, Yun Hu eyed him. “What is it? It isn’t convenient there?”

“It’s convenient.” Lin Feng stood up. “She said we can train there directly but who prepares an entire roasted lamb at home?”

Yun Hu: …