Chapter 1315 - Untitled

Chapter 1315 Untitled

As a qualified butler, Grandfather Butler definitely noticed the change in Xue Yaoyao’s mood. He passed a napkin over and pushed the dessert he had prepared at the last minute, his voice soft. “This is Young Lord’s favorite. Eating this together with the lemon tea will definitely lift a lady’s mood.”

A spark of surprise gleamed in her gaze. She glanced up, looking straight into the youngster’s gentle gaze. She finally knew where Her Highness Jiu got her warmth from. She must have been influenced by Grandfather Butler’s mannerism.

In reality, Xue Yaoyao was right and wrong in some ways.

If Grandfather Butler knew about her thoughts, he would definitely sigh deeply, sounding both proud and helpless. He would say, “My Young lord’s gentlemanly mannerism triumphs all the men out there but I clearly gave her lessons on how to act like a lady…”

There was definitely something wrong with her upbringing – but in Grandfather Butler’s heart, his young lord was a rare gem.

Therefore, he would prepare everything perfectly for her. When he used a white cloth to wipe the cutleries, Lin Feng couldn’t help glancing over to gawk at his elegant movement. Where exactly did Little Spade scout him from? He was amazing!

Lin Feng couldn’t hold his words and asked her directly.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Grandfather Butler has been around since I was young, I’m not capable enough to scout someone like Grandfather Butler.”

Then who was? Lin Feng was confused since it couldn’t possibly be someone from the Fu family.

“Right.” Bo Jiu put down his cup and naturally diverted the topic. “Brother Mo’s wrist is cured. The surgery was performed by Grandfather Butler. It’s very flexible now and his wrist doesn’t hurt when it rotates. Everyone can rest assured.”

She hadn’t told anyone the news before and now that it was out, everyone stilled, breaking into a smile. They were probably very happy but Bo Jiu could understand how they felt.

For the past three years, he had continued to play esports despite his wrist injury. For the sake of Supreme Alliance, he had given up his best position and couldn’t play as freely as before. It had probably been because he had been worried of a relapse during a critical moment, causing them to lose a match.

He had known Supreme Alliance needed him and hence, he had continued to play despite the doctor’s advice to rest for two years – because they knew what two years meant in the esports industry.

In two years, those that had claimed to like you would fall for other teams. In two years, the golden age of an esports player would be gone. Supreme Alliance couldn’t wait two years.

Hence, Lin Feng, Yun Hu, and Feng Yi all held guilt in their heart. They would think about this a countless number of times. If only they had held on until he was back for their dreams to be fulfilled; they would have been able to retire. That person would have been able to heal in peace and wouldn’t have been in the state he was right now, wasting his pride and talent.

There were many who didn’t understand. But when Feng Yi saw Spade Z maneuvering her character in the game, moving about like the wind, how had he felt?

He didn’t just see the light from Supreme Alliance but he finally saw a figure that could allow that person to return. It wasn’t just for him to return as Supreme Alliance’s captain and as the one advising those playing but also as the Almighty that had executed the Three Thousand Knife Cutting three years ago.