Chapter 1316 - Untitled

Chapter 1316 Untitled

Lin Feng hid his emotions in his eyes but Yun Hu, who was watching him, noticed them, including the naive child’s actions once he found out. Lin Feng’s first reaction was to text Feng Yi, who was still holding the fort at the company’s office. “Fox Feng, do you know? Captain’s wrist is cured, hahaha, Captain’s wrist is finally cured. If Zhao Sanpang and the other’s start gloating in the chat, I’ll unleash Captain!”The Almighties had their own chat, especially Almighties of their level.

Yun Hu glanced over. Lin Feng seemed to have forgotten that their captain had lost his memory and wasn’t able to play at all. Yun Hu didn’t stop him though, watching him as he added another line. “Feels like I can continue another ten years!”

Gathered together, they seemed to generate a certain energy. They could still stay like this: being young for another ten years.

Feng Yi was still dealing with the internet matter when he saw the text. He hadn’t slept for an entire night and still had to go out drinking with some reporters. With his suit jacket slung over his arm, he looked like an exhausted corporate slave. His assistants glanced at him. “Boss Feng, why don’t you take a nap? We will be watching.”

Just then, he smiled at his phone. He massaged the knots in his neck and was back to his smiling foxy self. “I’ll keep watch. Order some coffee for the hard work before the Asian Cup.”

The assistant wanted to refuse his offer but she took another peak at his expression. In the past, she hadn’t understood the belief behind an esports company. She had assumed it was just playing computer games and the players just had to play the game well. But now that she was inside the company, she knew how wrong she had been.

A good team required passionate team members and someone like Feng Yi, who supported them from the back. He had to cover all grounds and have prevention tactics up his sleeve. For things he hadn’t thought of, he would have to deal with it immediately.

News spread extremely quickly on the internet, which might cause a major distortion of facts.

Just like right now. The self-proclaimed fan kept trying to sow discord in the team, clearly trying to prevent Spade Z from returning. When the public relations team stepped in, she claimed to be disappointed and that her support had been wasted. Once they retaliated, they would be seen as unreasonable.

Feng Yi was always faced with such incidents where he would sit in front of the computer, smoking occasionally while controlling the matter before heading back to the matter at hand. Perhaps that was the only way Spade Z could come back.

The good news seemed to have lifted the atmosphere, it remained harmonious until Rao Rong stood up and faced Qin Mo. “Since your hand has recovered, let’s play a match to gauge our coordination.”

Lin Feng stiffened while Coco grew silent. The entire room fell into silence.

Qin Mo was the only one still holding onto his cutleries, cutting the lamb in a perfect posture. He placed a piece into his mouth and when he was done, he broke into a faint smile. “I’m not interested in games.”

In that instant, the mood changed, becoming even colder than before. Lin Feng turned towards Rao Rong immediately, his intentions clear: Hadn’t they made an agreement before coming? What was with the sudden turn of events?

Rao Rong ignored his gaze and laughed but there wasn’t any emotion in his voice as he said, “Even if you lost your memory, your abilities should still be intact. Qin Mo, are you disinterested or do you have something against your previous self?”