Chapter 1317 - Untitled

Chapter 1317 Untitled

Rao Rong knew he was the only one who would say such things to Qin Mo because everyone else in Supreme Alliance had been brought up by him and thus couldn’t say these words; and the only one who wasn’t afraid of him wanted to treasure him in her arms.

His condition wasn’t going to improve if he avoided it though. Moreover, he was Qin Mo and not someone who could just lose interest. It wasn’t just his teammates, even him who had once been a rival was waiting for him to unleash his true potential in the Asian Cup. Thus, he was willing to be the bad guy.

“What is it?” Rao Rong laughed lightly before he added, “What about a match? Or perhaps you aren’t confident?” With that, the air seemed to stand still.

Qin Mo put down his cutleries and looked up at Rao Rong, his voice calm. “I seem to have been underestimated. What are you proposing?” The current Qin Mo was clueless.

“Me, you, Lin Feng, Yun Hu, and Uncle Yin will form a team to compete for the best result.” Rao Rong glanced over at Yun Hu. “Z will stay out. If she joins the match, she would either win automatically or stay by your side to protect you, which wouldn’t help to test your standard.”

“Ok.” Just one word, Qin Mo stood up with his jacket. Even though he was smiling, there didn’t seem to be any change in his emotion.

Upstairs, there was an empty room filled with computers, suited for them to game.

But Bo Jiu didn’t move.

Qin Mo glanced over at her. “What is it? Are you afraid my fragile heart won’t be able to take it?”

“No.” Bo Jiu stood up. “I was wondering if I could sit beside you since you aren’t familiar with the character’s techniques yet.”

Finally, the warmth came back into his eyes. At least she had some heart.

It was merely a ploy for him to play the game. Qin Mo glanced down and smirked. The next time he glanced up, he laughed faintly. “You are my sugar daddy. Where do you intend to sit if not beside me? On my thighs?”

“Forget it, that might affect your concentration,” Bo Jiu replied seriously.

Lin Feng watched in disbelief. Did that mean she would sit on his lap if it didn’t affect his concentration? And what was with the term sugar daddy? Little Spade were you expecting Captain to call you Daddy?! What exactly did you do during his amnesia!

Lin Feng wanted to speak with Little Spade but it was a challenge with their captain watching over her like a wolf.

That aside, it wasn’t easy for them to play together. Thus, all of them were excited.

Yaoyao and Lin Chentao switched on the computer as well. Even though they weren’t competing, they could still watch as an audience.

Rao Rong sat in front of a desktop and wore his earpiece. “I’ll take the middle lane.”

“Top lane.” Uncle Yin was still smoking his cigarette.

Lin Feng chose a nanny aid. “I’ll use this as training.”

“I’ll play the adc.”[1] Yun Hu tilted his head to look at the situation online. All of them had famous accounts. Every time such an account came online, they would immediately attract a lot of attention.

Usually just one of them could cause an impact. But now, the four of them came online together, which was definitely causing a big commotion. The public chat exploded.

The most explosive piece of news came when Bo Jiu entered into the Almighty’s, Qin Mo’s account though…

[1] adc = attack damage carrier