Chapter 1318 - Untitled

Chapter 1318 Untitled

As soon as Qin Mo’s account went online, the entire web stilled for a second before it really exploded. They jammed up the public chat, with screams and exclamations filling the entire game.

“My Almighty Qin! What did I just see! My Almighty Qin! I can’t take it, I need to calm down and take another look ahh, mom, it’s really my Almighty Qin!”

“Leaps onto bed excitedly and runs three rounds around the track! This is definitely a pleasant surprise!”

“What? Almighty Qin is back? Where is he, where is he?!”

“Watch the match between the Almighties, they seem to be in the first room!”

“F*ck! I never thought I would see such a scene in my lifetime!”

“Don’t stop me, I want to see my husband!”

The game hadn’t started yet and Qin Mo was still choosing his character. In the meantime, even the official Weibo had exploded with comments and traffic. There might be anti-fans stirring up public opinion but the traffic and attention continued to rise.

Every esports player knew the meaning behind the name Qin Mo. Back then, even though no one had known of his background, managers had vied against each other to scout him into their team but he hadn’t been willing and had set his sights on Feng Yi, who had been a small-time manager at that time.

The corporate world knew about his unrivalled popularity, the guarantee for site traffic, and his god-like skills. Although he wasn’t a normal celebrity, he could generate more hype than one.

Many people were caught up in his dust.

The traffic continued to increase and the view count kept climbing.

“Ah? Almighty Qin hasn’t chosen his character?”

“The position in the jungle has been left vacant. He’ll definitely take it. Ah, I have a feeling we’ll be moved to tears by his maneuvering!”

But this time, Qin Mo took way too long to choose his character. Lin Feng glanced over. His captain clicked his character and asked the youngster casually, “What’s the character you used previously?”

“You’re going to use the one I chose?” Bo Jiu laughed before she turned and wrapped her hand around his hand which he held the mouse with, her tone teasing. “This one, he’s the most dashing assassin in Hero. Dressed entirely in white with a longsword in hand, he moves elegantly but when things turn serious, he can unleash his moves easily. This is why so many girls like him and secretly call him their husband or little brother.”

“You like it too?” Qin Mo accepted the character, asking a certain someone carelessly. What appeal could a fake character have?

Bo Jiu tapped her cheek mischievously. “I like it.”

“Is that it?” Qin Mo had an urge to change the character. The character’s thin lips seemed cold and he wasn’t the least bit handsome, just a pretty boy. There was a wine flask around his waist, with an overall sloppy looking appearance, heh.

He used to think that the prey he had an eye on didn’t have much advantages other than her preferences. But now, it seemed like there was an issue with her preferences.

Before the thought could formalize though, she spoke up again. Her breath was close to his head, as though she was talking into his ears, the hot air splashing onto him. “Because it’s the character you are best at. Honestly, you are the only one in the entire game that can make him look handsome, everyone else pales in comparison.”

Lin Feng: … F*ck, Little Spade do you have any shame? How can you say such things! Are we still playing?!