Chapter 1319 - Untitled

Chapter 1319 Untitled

Bo Jiu completely ignored Lin Feng’s harsh glare since her attention was entirely placed on Qin Mo.The match began. After five seconds, everyone, including Qin Mo walked out from the lake. Since they were all high levelled accounts, the game matched them against high levelled players. Hence, even though their opponents might not be professional players, their maneuvering would definitely be on the level of an Almighty. If they could reach the standard of Lin Feng and the others, they were definitely amazing players.

The group probably never expected to be matched against a group of professional players though. At the beginning, they hadn’t noticed their names. After all, there was only one principle for the players in the game; regardless of their opponents, the most important thing was to raise their levels! Hence, when they saw the number of people watching, they froze.

“F*ck, what’s happening?”

“Quan, did you turn on the livestream?”

“I didn’t, I wouldn’t turn it on with you guys.”

“What’s with the crowd?”

“It might be the opponents.”

“The opponents?”

“Take a look at their ID.”

“Supreme Alliance? This is insane!”

“What’s so insane about it? Didn’t you see the news online? Qin Mo’s hand is injured and he won’t be able to participate in the Asian Cup. He’s probably in bad shape, which is the reason he disappeared for such a long time. They are a team but yet, they aren’t willing to follow their fan’s wishes, choosing to stand independently. They must be crazy.”

“Quan, seems like you don’t like them?”

“I used to be a fan but now, heh, I’m not interested.”

“I like them, so watch your tone.”

“What’s with my tone? Supreme Alliance should learn from me and listen to their fans. What’s wrong with creating chat groups? I have plenty.”

“Enough, the game has started, think about how we should play.” With that, the players took their position.

The player called Quan had picked the same character as Qin Mo. He used to like Supreme Alliance but gradually, he had started to live stream and had started to grow his fanbase. He had wanted to enhance his popularity but Supreme Alliance hadn’t been of any use to him. Thus, he had grown increasingly displeased.

Qin Mo wasn’t the only one who could fight in the wilderness; there were plenty of players who could use this character. He had just entered the industry earlier than the others and had been brought up by the fans.

If given the same opportunity, he, Quan, would have been able to succeed as well.

With that, Quan started to conjure a plan. Hadn’t the reports stated that he was in bad shape? This was a good time to find out. If it was true, he would focus solely on Qin Mo!

In reality, he was still afraid of Qin Mo. All of his skills were learnt through Qin Mo’s videos, after all, but he believed in surpassing the mentor. As long as their plans were solid and Qin Mo’s condition wasn’t the best, he could potentially reap some benefits from the match.

Quan was convinced it was a great idea. For the purpose of future publicity, he deliberately clicked the record button in the upper right corner.

Chances of winning the match weren’t high. Although they couldn’t win against Supreme Alliance, it was possible to capture one person.

The competition result wouldn’t matter though. As long as the title ‘Almighty Qin Trashed’ was released, his popularity would soar. If their fans caused a ruckus, he would apologize. Besides, some people didn’t care, they would enjoy it as long as his maneuvering was good.