Chapter 132 - Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty?

Chapter 132: Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty?

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Fu Jiu put a lollipop in her mouth. She then put her laptop on her lap and started to reply, “No, I didn’t get kidnapped by Almighty; I successfully moved into Almighty’s house.”

She couldn’t lose the momentum.

Although the truth was that this god set her up!

“Move… moved into Almighty’s house?!”

Fu Jiu wasn’t a good liar herself, but since she had already started bluffing, she had to keep it up. How could she let anything damage her handsome, domineering image? “Why are you surprised? If he sleeps on my bed one day, would you jump up in shock from the news?”

Sleep…sleeps on his bed… Student Feng’s face started to flush completely red again, and he said in a serious tone, “Idol, no dirty talk please. I will report you.”

Fu Jiu laughed out loud in front of the screen. When she was about to type back, a long, slim shadow loomed over her from behind. In an extremely low tone, he read from off the screen, “If one day he sleeps on my bed…”

When Fu Jiu heard that cool, familiar voice, her back stiffened up.

Right now, the thing she regretted the most was that she didn’t lock the door!

Who knew that that god would sneak in as she was playing games? He didn’t even make any sound. Was he a cat?

Qin Mo laughed coldly at first, then he turned his face to the side. He looked at the young man, and his eyes were deep like the water in the dark night. “You really want to sleep with me on the same bed this much, huh? Then I shouldn’t have prepared a guest room for you, it’s simply a waste of space!”

It was indistinguishable if his expression were happy or angry, and all the air around them cooled down.

Fu Jiu coughed, “This is a mistake.”

“Is it?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrow. He reached his hands out and took over the young man’s laptop. His fingertips rested on top of it with a casual laziness. “This is indeed a rare mistake, similar to how you could rank dead last in your class.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

His verbal attacks were skillful every time!

Seriously… just how did Almighty nurture this habit of his… What’s so good about being the top-ranked student?

“Don’t add people in games later on, even your teammates. They will affect your IQ in a bad way,” Qin Mo said plainly. He operated the young man’s account and naturally kicked Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure out of Spade Z’s friend list. Then with a simple click on the mouse, he directly sent the screenshot to the website staff and reported Student Feng.

Fu Jiu couldn’t do anything but watch this god’s fluid movements. She was thinking that Baby Feng must be really mad this time…

Student Feng was indeed pissed!

Bullying him because he had money!

He only chatted with his idol and didn’t even give him gold diamonds yet; he had done absolutely nothing!

How was that harassment!

No way, he needed to find out who reported him!

So, he pulled some strings and decisively sent a PM to the website staff.

He became even sadder after his investigation… It was his idol who reported him!

…Not only did he report him… but he also blacklisted him… WHY!!!

Student Feng withered like a fragile flower, and he sat in front of his computer filled with emotions of deep sorrow, sending a little crying emoji to Spade Z, “Idol, you can report me, but why did you blacklist me!”

The friend request light was blinking, but Qin Mo ignored it. With an elegant motion of his fingers, he logged into his own account and handed the laptop over to Fu Jiu…