Chapter 1320 - Untitled

Chapter 1320 Untitled

Some claimed that there were two things in this world that couldn’t be looked directly at; one was the sun and the other was the human heart.

When a heart turned black, the person’s actions were generally the same.

Quan did it solely to get attention and would never think about how cruel his thoughts were. The more he thought about it, the more feasible it seemed. He pulled out his long sword and smashed it on the blue buff’s body. Just when he was about to collect it, the blue buff was snatched away! Snatched away?

Quan stilled, cursing in frustration, “F*ck!”

His teammates weren’t sure what had happened. When they glanced up, they saw the white figure from the other opposing team and realized what had happened – Almighty Qin had stolen the buff.

“Hahaha, I pity the opposing assassin. He fought the beast for such a long time but it was stolen by Almighty Qin.”

“He does treat their wilderness as his home.”

“Shocking! He stole their beasts when the game barely started – this is indeed Almighty Qin’s playing style!”

The endless compliments on the public chat were a slap to Quan’s face. He had his sights set on trashing Qin Mo but had his beasts stolen from the start of the game – he was clearly the one being trashed.

Lin Feng felt perplexed. Didn’t their captain have amnesia and wasn’t sure of how to play? How could he have stolen their beasts so quickly?

It wasn’t easy to steal beasts in such high-level games, unless the player could accurately calculate the buff’s HP. Moreover, their opponents weren’t dumb; it wasn’t that easy to steal their beasts.

“What’s happening?” Lin Feng asked Bo Jiu. “Little Spade, you must have lied to us, Captain can still play, right? He used to play in such a manner.”

When Bo Jiu remained silent, Yun Hu spoke up, “Almighty Lin, Lin Feng, please watch after my weak adc. You’re the aid. You should be watching me, not the assassin.”

The next second, the weak adc blocked the opponent’s top lane and fired rapidly, forcing the opponents back to the city.

The audience watched from Supreme Alliance’s side and was naturally able to hear their conversation.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. “How are you weak? Put more heart into it and you can take the top lane alone.”

“That’s right, Almighty Yun, how are you weak? You are dominating the top lane.” The fans immediately showed their support.

“What do you know? Almighty Lin is seeking attention, how can the adc leave his aid!”

“Geez, I’m going to turn gay from this conversation.”

Xue Yaoyao watched the comments in amusement. Their fans were so adorable.

There was only one person who couldn’t seem to laugh though and that was Coco. He was well-versed with their captain’s maneuvering.

In the past, that person had sat in front of the computer leisurely, maneuvering his character with ease as he had smoked. Not a living soul had been left in the areas he had passed. Once he had been done clearing the jungles, he had released his hand to massage the knots in his necks. His maneuvering had been so fast they could barely keep up.

But now… Although he had successfully snatched the opponent’s beasts and taken a bulk of the finances, his maneuvering was too slow. It was so slow it was unlike him.

The opposing team didn’t notice it since they were focusing on the game but the audience was solely focused on their captain.

As the game progressed, Coco bit down on his bunny’s ears. His heart was trembling and even his breathing and body temperature seemed to go cold. Little Spade hadn’t lied; their captain had really forgotten how to play Hero…