Chapter 1321 - Untitled

Chapter 1321 Untitled

Coco tilted his head towards Bo Jiu. Little Spade must have detected the problem but she didn’t show anything. She sat there with a smile, watching as their captain maneuvered his character. Occasionally, their conversations could be heard.

“What’s his big move?”

“He can capture people, just a tank.”

“With plenty of HP?”


“Then we won’t kill him, let’s find a weakling.” The last line came from their captain. His voice was faint. He was learning everything from scratch.

Little Spade leaned on her hands, showing her endless blind support. “Mmh, find a weakling!”

Coco: … These two, geez…

Before Coco could express his sadness, it was washed away by their despicably loving scene.

Rao Rong stilled before he swapped out the big map with a smaller one, keeping the wilderness in check. He had to deal with the opponents and hence, couldn’t pay attention to Qin Mo’s actions. Something was even to him obvious: Qin Mo was moving so slowly it seemed a little stiff.

At this moment, any assassin player in the professional world should have cleared out the jungle, not to mention Qin Mo as he had definitely been faster than anyone else.

It wasn’t just because of his maneuvering but also because he knew the time it took for the beasts to regenerate and how to incorporate both factors. He was the only one in the entire industry who had such a capability. His title as the most valuable player hadn’t been easy to get. He had used his skills while in the jungle.

Those that played Hero knew that finances determined the player’s equipment, which in turn determined the player’s attack power. Whoever earned the money faster would have the highest attack power. That was how players killed off their opponents with one move.

Hence, this was a critical time in the game.

Even though Qin Mo might be faster than an average player, he was less than a tenth of his previous self, his orbwalk uncertain. Perhaps his natural instinct would prevent him from turning into a clueless rookie but it was obvious he had lost touch of his jungle skills. He wasn’t sure what an assassin was supposed to do right now.

A human’s consciousness was very mysterious.

Everyone’s jungle methods were different. Little Spade jungled too and they were both comparable, leaving no souls alive whenever they passed – but the aura they radiated was different.

An assassin’s abilities didn’t depend on sheer hard work but rather their consciousness. If their consciousness was good, they could turn the tables, command, and bring up the tempo of the game. But if their consciousness wasn’t good, they wouldn’t be able to kill and might end up getting trashed, especially in a game on such a high level.

At this moment, the opposing assassin appeared at the jungle lake. It was the opponent’s assassin!

Rao Rong paused, prepared to go over and help as a good middle lane would team up with the player in the jungle. Besides, it was the team controller Rao Rong; he was reminded of something though.

He remained stationary, his gaze sweeping towards the figure in white with a faint glow shining in his eyes. Qin Mo, show me if you know what an assassin is supposed to do.Stealing isn’t enough…