Chapter 1322 - Untitled

Chapter 1322 Untitled

An assassin had to remain calm in the face of danger and strike back with a counterattack.That was your specialty. How much of it do you still remember? Rao Rong glanced up, his eyes wavering. Stop escaping.

Qin Mo was still fighting beasts when he suddenly stilled. He had always been sensitive to danger and thus moved his character towards the bushes at the bottom.

In front of another computer, Quan burst into laughter. “Trying to escape?” He pressed the attack signal and went straight for Qin Mo. He wanted to strike him and with that, everyone watching would be able to tell whose skill was better.

However, Qin Mo dodged and avoided the attack. Quan felt a flush rush up his face as though someone had punched him in the face. But it didn’t matter as he wasn’t the only one here!

Quan opened the voice chat for the public. “Kill him!”

With a swoosh, another figure came flying over. After avoiding the attack, Qin Mo repositioned himself. He raised the longsword and was out of the enemies’ eyes. Even the second figure wasn’t able to catch him. It was obvious that they weren’t here to snatch beasts but for a kill.

Soon, the third player appeared. It was the team captain, a sorcerer. The moment he turned, he stunned Qin Mo’s character.

It was Qin Mo’s first encounter with that character and hence, he wasn’t sure of that character’s skills. He assumed he could retreat using a skill. He hadn’t expected to be controlled and thus not be able to dodge. With Qin Mo stuck, Quan broke into a wide grin. He repeated, “Kill him!”

The tank went straight for another attack. The next instant, Qin Mo was severely injured. He dodged, heading towards the defense tower.

Quan chased after him, prepared to finish him off with a big move. But right at this moment, Qin Mo turned, he raised his longsword. With three clean swipes, Quan’s HP were cut in half.

Quan retreated in surprise. Anyway, as Qin Mo didn’t escape, he wouldn’t live for long!

He managed to plant an electric formation before his death. Quan exclaimed, “Help me!”

The aid rushed over giving him the last bit of HP, saving him narrowly from death.

It wasn’t just three, there were four of them!

Four of them just to catch him? Weren’t they going to care about the rest of the map? What exactly were they up to?

It didn’t take long to answer that question. Quan seemed worried the audience weren’t listening and hence typed a long string of words in the public chat. “Almighty Qin? Almighty? And that’s all you got? Almighty Qin, you should retire if you’re old. Stop using your hand injury as an excuse. You can’t even defeat me and yet, you are competing in the Asian Cup. If I were you, I would have given the opportunity to the newcomers. Save yourself from the embarrassment when you fail. You’re going to end up dragging Supreme Alliance down with you. Let me put this straight, I have no intention of defaming you. You have scary fans and I don’t wish to be buried. Hehe.” It was clearly a taunt.

Everyone who read the chat understood his intentions. Why would there be four players going after an assassin? It had been part of their plan!