Chapter 1323 - Untitled

Chapter 1323 Untitled

“Who is that guy? He’s so despicable! What does he mean by Almighty Qin can’t even defeat him! They were clearly ganging up on him!”“I just want to ask Quan, didn’t your aid give you his HP? Without his help, you would have died!”

“F*ck, I can’t watch this anymore! How can someone say such things!”

“You don’t have to watch, the game is ending soon and Supreme Alliance is winning.”

Indeed, it was going to end. They hadn’t bothered about the game at all. Lin Feng and Yun Hu were oblivious of the commotion while they attacked the opponent’s base.

That was when they saw the chat.

Lin Feng clicked his mouse, prepared to run back but he didn’t get the chance.

Rao Rong turned, using his passive skills and displacement. He harvested instantly and the four consecutive kills blasted through the speakers.

Lin Feng didn’t have to fight their base anymore since the troops had been taken over.

Quan watched the comments and pressed the spacebar. “Why are you still fighting? Didn’t we agree not to fight? Aren’t Qin fans supposed to be high-quality fans? I certainly can’t tell. Even though we lost, it sure is satisfying to have trashed our Almighty Qin.”

“F*ck!” Lin Feng couldn’t take it any longer, cursing in the game!

In that instant, Rao Rong started to regret. He hadn’t expected the opponent to be such a person. When he realized what had happened, it was already too late.

It was an undeniable fact.

Bo Jiu knew Rao Rong wasn’t wrong because the Almighty’s maneuvering had been much better than the previous day – but there hadn’t been enough time. He wasn’t even clear about their abilities and techniques when the four of them targeted him at once. If it had been the past Qin Mo…

Bo Jiu averted her gaze, turning towards the exquisite face beside her. For the first time, her throat constricted. It was so tight it felt like something was threatening to erupt.

The atmosphere around him sunk but Qin Mo simply flung his hands emotionlessly. He glanced down at his mouse before turning to look at the character that laid motionless.

His world seemed to come to a standstill because of how familiar the unwillingness was. It was so familiar as though he had experienced it before.

Lin Feng couldn’t keep his cool even though everyone knew it wasn’t the time to kick up a fuss. As a public figure, the moment he cursed, he would be plagued with negative press. Even if he wasn’t wrong, onlookers would question his image; not to mention those that didn’t like him. They would even take the chance to add fuel to the flames.

Quan was such a person. The moment he heard Lin Feng curse, he cooed, “Hey, hey, this is scary. Why is the Almighty from Supreme Alliance scolding?”

“Enough.” His teammate tried to stop him since it wasn’t right.

But Quan didn’t see anything wrong with his actions since he was already dead and the crystal base was about to be destroyed. Very quickly, he added, “Don’t jungle if you don’t know how to. If your hand speed isn’t enough, hurry and leave. Stop making a joke of yourself.”

The crystal base erupted, silver flowers bursting onto the screens. Even though they won, none of them could be happy.

At this moment, a loud bang struck!